Used jockstrap in the mail

Treasure Island Media is based in San Francisco. Since I live in London, that means communication with my fellow employees is done by email or phone. However, occasionally something will happen that makes me feel a little closer.

Recently I needed some dvds mailed over to me. The guy who was organising the package asked if there was anything else I wanted included. Now, this particular guy has a lot of physical attributes that I admire – I know this from having seen a couple of holiday snaps of him (seen here) – so, half-joking, I told him to add to the package a piece of underwear that he’d worn for a couple of days.

Sure enough, a few days later it arrived along with the dvds, and here it is. Not just worn, but well infused with sweat and cum from this hot and generous man. I’ve kept his photos anonymous here because I have no idea if he’d want himself broadcast over the net, and I wouldn’t want to make him regret having done me such a cool favor by embarassing him with it.

You know who you are, mystery jock man. Thanks again.

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