T.I.M. Employee Spotlight: Customer Service

A lot of you know Hank as a voice on the phone or an email address when you have questions about your orders. We wanted to put a face to the name–so, gentlemen, meet Hank:

This is how Hank dresses for work during hot weather, and we’ve been having a heat wave in SF.

Of course, no one in the office objects.  In fact, Hank seems to get more attention than usual.

  1. Mercy!! Your parents must be proud of the hunk-and-a-half they produced. Thank them for me next time you see them, would you please? Nah — don’t go in front of the TIM video cams. I like the bit of mystery concealed by your jockstrap. Cut or uncut? Tasty morsel or huge? Monster balls or normal… Yeah. I like the fantasy. Of course, if you **did** go in front of the TIM video cams, I would definitely buy the result without waiting for a sale…

  2. Always knew Hank was a hottie. Have corresponded with him when I have had trouble on the website (which is very few) and he has always responded back in a timely manner and is always professional.

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