Pre-Release Scene from Manfuck Manifesto by Paul Morris

A peek at MANFUCK MANIFESTO featuring

whore-bottom John Sullivan and legendary topman BJ Slater.


Paul Morris Manfuck Manifesto

“Too much is never enough.” That’s the personal motto of JOHN SULLIVAN, undoubtedly one of the most voracious fuck-junkie bottoms it has ever been my privilege to meet. JOHN has an unending appetite for cock and cum, an addiction to the sexual high of being used up thoroughly by men for their pleasure and his own.

Paul Morris Manfuck Manifesto

One of the first things JOHN ever told me was how much he loves gangbangs, losing himself to man after man after man until there’s nothing but pure sexual energy without having to focus on an individual connection. I’ve set up several such sessions for him, but this time I tried something different: I wanted to see how he would respond in a one-on-one…READ MORE!

Paul Morris Manfuck Manifesto

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