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A friend of mine is currently looking for a gym and possibly gym buddy, and I thought I might look for something together with him. The gyms in London are very expensive so three years ago I decided to stop going; it was just getting to be too much, and I realised that the only things I was doing in the gym anyhow were 3 sets of 50 situps and a few chest pumps, then straight into the sauna, which was like a cruising paradise on my office lunchbreaks. We used to suck a lot of cock and got sucked even more, hehe, and sometimes a boy got to have my big, raw cock in his horny bum in the steamroom. It was a nice and relaxing lunch, indeed, but an expensive one, hehe.


I guess I’ve been blessed with having my old ballet body, which doesn’t seem to lose much of its shape, although my flexibility is totally gone nowadays (I’m happy if I can sit in a 50-90 degree split, hehe). As I get older, though, I’m sure that will change and I’ll start needing to look after myself more.


I have to admit I was never a huge fan of big muscles. Defined, yes, and a bit of lovely shape is always hot, but what really turns me on these days is self confidence in a guy. Not sure why this is, but there’s something so hot about a guy who knows what he wants and just takes it, hehe. The determination in his face, the strong eyes and look, yum yum yum…

This week my flatmate came back from holiday. It’s nice to have him back in town for a while before he heads over to LA. We spent Saturday walking around the South Bank and Soho, watching all the guys cuming out in their short shorts, as summer has finally arrived. Then we went to the cinema; I love films.

Apart from that, it’s been a pretty normal, quiet week—a few blowjobs here and there, horny boys in my office toilet between work on designing bathrooms, etc. Always fun, hehe.

Also, I’m very excited about Liam’s new DVD coming out soon, Slammed. He showed me the initial edits for the trailer—can’t wait to see it! I’m sure you will love it.

Next week I’ll talk about “the second coming out,” so brace yourselves! Only kidding, hehe; it will be interesting, hopefully.

Have a good week.

hugs – Anton

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  1. Hehe cool
    Yeah the slammed DVD is looking to be one HOTTTTTTT thing,
    I think one of Liam’s best ones tbh hehe and that’s saying a lot…!

  2. nice post Anton….I can relate to the ex dancer body coments….my flexibility is shot now too but I think I may have over extended in other ways than on stage:) Also really looking forward to Slammed…the pre-release scene was great.

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