NOW AVAILABLE || Knocked Out Jerked Off 7, A Jack Miller Coercion Video

KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 7, the newest vid in Jack Miller’s hugely popular “sleeping man” series, is now available at Treasure Island Media’s website.

Produced by T.I.M. owner and founder Paul Morris, the Knocked Out Jerked Off series is the ongoing pet project of veteran videographer Jack Miller. In each KayoJayo vid, Miller propositions young men with an offer of cash and booze in exchange for taking a “knock out” pill, yielding their unconscious bodies to an exploring hand.

In KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 7, Miller—who usually does the fondling himself—enlists the helping hand of a buddy recently released from military service to coax out thick jets of cum from men who’ve never let another man touch their cocks until now.

From the construction worker to the guy who scrapes a living from donating sperm, from the unemployed college graduates to the archaeology student who dreams of Mayan ruins, the five men featured in KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 7 exemplify the masculine form in all its glory.


SCENE 1 – Barry, 26 years old


Barry is part of the road crew that was doing work at the end of my street last spring. He was hard to miss and impossible to ignore: no matter what the weather, he always had his shirt off. I started taking the bus as an excuse to sit on the bench at the corner, and we got to talking during his breaks. One day he mentioned that the job was almost done and he was worried about what he’d do next. It was the perfect opening and I made my pitch. He said he’d think about it. When the street work was done, I figured that was the last I’d see of him. But two days later he was back, and I got my chance to finally touch that body I’d been admiring for weeks—not to mention the impressive cock I’d only been able to imagine.

SCENE 2 – Bon, 24 years old


Like so many others, Lon has been “between jobs” for a while now. He’s been making ends meet by participating in clinical trials for new drugs and selling his sperm as often as he can. When I told him about my video project, he didn’t even hesitate: “It’ll be a few less kids I have to worry about trying to track me down some day,” he joked. After a few hard drinks and a couple of my special pills, Lon passed out cold and I got to stroke out a sample of his hot, viscous spunk for myself.

SCENE 3 – Ryan, 22 years old

I met Ryan on one of the bus rides I took during the Barry days. When he got on the bus, he made a show ofchecking his pockets but it was obvious he didn’t even have change for the fare. I paid it for him and when he came over to thank me, I asked if he’d be interested in making enough for a few more bus rides, plus all the booze he wanted. He was on his way to a job interview and said that if he didn’t get it, he was all mine. And that’s how I came to be fondling his hot young body and coaxing a thick load out of his beautiful dick while he took a nap in my bed.

SCENE 4 – Danny, 24 years old

I’d seen him in the waiting room at my dentist’s a couple of times before striking up a conversation and learning he’s a grad student in archeology. When he asked what I do, I hesitated before telling him about my videos, not sure what his reaction would be. He just nodded and, after a moment, asked if I needed another subject; there was a Mayan dig he wanted to go on in Belize, but he was short of funds. I explained that I didn’t have the means to sponsor him on the dig but he said, “Every little bit helps. Besides, think of it as one explorer helping out another!” I was more than happy to lend a helping hand, letting it roam over his fine, masculine young body and goo-spewing love muscle.

SCENE 5 – Cyrus, 22 years old

One of Cyrus’s roommates is something of a fan and suggested he contact me when he fell on lean times after graduating college. So Cyrus took a picture of himself and emailed it to me. My fingers started to itch as soon as I saw his fat, uncut cock, and we arranged a meeting immediately. He was so nervous at first I thought he was going to back out, but he calmed down after a few drinks. Then the knock-out pills kicked in, and Cyrus, his glorious cock, and his cum-filled balls were laid out for my curious, wandering fingers.

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