CUMSLOPPY STORY || My BF Was Downstairs When I Got Bred

This weekend me and my bf went to an after hours of this guy – who ive seen out a bunch of times – and have always wanted to fuck around with. I knew being at his place would provide the perfect opportunity. He was tall, brown hair, a perfect toned body – that he shows off at the bar. There have been many night where i will pass him as he shows off his ass or dick to someone. Ive always had the hots for him and his tight body.

To jump right to the good stuff… his roommate took my bf in the bathroom to share some lines. I sat out – saying i had enough coke. But really i had other plans. I knew the dude was fucked up, and i knew it wouldn’t take much to fuck around with him. He was already horny, and kept coming down in his underwear. His roomate would tell him to get out and go back up to his room. He was obviously jealous of his hot roommates body.

While my bf was blowing lines, i ran upstairs and ran into his room. He was laying on his bed in his underwear drunk and with a boner. It was a hot sight. I told him my bf was busy but i wanted to play! He smiled and pulled down his underwear and told me to suck his dick. I said “ok, but we have to hurry”

I started licking his huge prick. It was shaped perfect and bulging with veins. I got it wet and then pulled my pants down to my ancles. I figure if i get caught it would be easier to cover if my pants aren’t completely off. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his huge boner poking straight up and he had a cheesy smile on his face. he loved the idea of fucking me while my boyfriend was downstairs. I sat above him and aimed my hole over his cock. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. He reached around and slowly massaged my dick. He said that he loved my ass and dick. and that i was made to be a slut.

As his dick hit my ass i knew this was going to feel awesome. His dick was so thick and perfectly shaped. He penetrated me. As i slowly took his entire length – i knew time was running out. So i started bouncing up and down. He said it wouldnt take long and that he was going to fill me up.

That got me hot, and i started to work his cock even more! Until i could feel his cock start to get ready to shoot. He pushed down on my shoulders grinding his dick deeper inside as he came. I could feel his dick pulsate as he filled my ass up.

I slowly lifted off his dick. I left my ass in front of him so he could see how hot my ass really is. He fingered my hole and licked some cum off his finger. He slapped my ass as i pulled up my pants.

I said it was hot, and that we would have to do it again sometime. I gave him my number and left the room. I went downstairs and my bf was looking for me. I told him i had to go to the bathroom, and found a second bathroom upstairs.

He never expected anything, and i was full of another dudes cum.

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