REAL & RAW || SLAMMED – The Trailer

London’s fuck-pigs party hard in Liam Cole’s most extreme video yet. SLAMMED is an honest and true record of lawless 21st century man-sex: Real, raw and straight to the point. Keiran, Jake Ascott, Scott Williams, and newcomer Jon Phelps in an all-night odyssey that leaves him slammed, gang-banged and changed for life.

  1. I would like to make the second versión of this film Slammed, and get into the porn industrey, anyone can help me let me know.

  2. Satanic sex?
    Craving sex from Satanic tops who want to corrupt my soul

  3. I am very like …it is really pro- porno …In the same situation I been seven years ago…when my former boyfriend did me slam, and I was high invited in hotel room a lot of guys…I was in that time pro-bodybuilder, and sometimes worked for straight porno..but wanted do something else…I was fucked around 30 men, including straights and BI…and really got for many hours very hard fucked session….later we with him did again, but that time it was 22 yo his brother, his was top and never before fucked, never did gangbang..I was again in hotel room, in Fort Lauderdale…and we did some move… he was really high and asked only take more dicks…it was really hot …and that 22 yo boy played with 57 men…special hot scenes when he fucked straight men also high… so again it is nice very hot porno

  4. I’m an idiot, I confess it, but where in this film does anyone inject anything but white, milky cum? Not doubting anyone….but can someone tell me who does it or when in the movie (time stamp?). Oh and that Enzo!!! he’s got just the right hair for me to jizz here at the office. MORE TIM FUCK!

    1. No where. In fact the trailer alludes to drug use in the video way more than the actual video itself eludes. But for those who watch the trailer and not the whole movie they assume the trailer is only giving a peek at what is in the movie.

  5. I wish one day some scientists can invent new drugs to help sex without any side effect. People has the right to select what they want.

  6. FUK!!! Intrigued beyond descript, rock-solid & edged, ACHNG to unload like a rocket…AGAIN!!! Between the HOT, XXXremely HORNY studs in heat–just lost i!! AGAIN!!!–handsome, BUTCH, HUNG, sensual & RAW–NOT a ‘drug’/meth proponent!!! Agree w/ the comment, meth FUKS people up & ruins lives!! Multiple friends have been LOST–physically & emotionally!!–to the powers of meth!!! Also KNOW this IS porn, a fantasy, an escape, & NONE of us KNOW if it was merely an ‘idea’ well, executed or n ACTUAL event recorded….!! However, Jon is adorable & HOT, Kieran is a walkin’ WET-DREAM of Top-stud AWESOMENESS w/ a BIG, beautiful cock & some seriously HOT horny, sensual stud-buddies who KNOW how 2 work a btm in ways he only dreams (like ME!!!!Not sure I COULD handle/accommodate THAT heat & INTENSITY w/out & leary of trying the meth route, even just once 4 a vid, still….) The trailer is AWESOME, arousing, seductive & wildly enticing!!
    Scott, aka horndog4anmeat

  7. Society is all fucked up anyway, so why not give into depraved, lust, man on man tweaked out, whored out, slutty assed cummed up sickness. Get used, get dicked, get fucked, get drugged.

  8. I for one can not wait til this movie is released. I have been a bottom in the party life and enjoyed every moment of it. I know drugs are not good for the body but as long as one can control the “habit” then more power to them as to how they want to enjoy the sex.

  9. This is hot. I wished was the bottom getting slammed and fucked and used. I have only partied several times and it just turned me into a pig.

  10. Just heard from a friend in the adult industry that TIM is promoting this video with custom printed pens that resemble hypodermic needles. Really, guys? I always thought your porn was hot but this is really sad! I had a very good friend die of a meth overdose. Think that’s funny?

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