CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anon Video Booth

Some of my favorite encounters have always been the more spontaneous ones which includes this time I was in an ABS visiting the booths. I had dropped my share of quarters into the machine and just dropped my pants right there instead of sitting down and quietly beating off. I stood watching the monitor as I feverishly jerked my cock when I heard a tap on the door. My heart raced with excitement as I gently opened the door to have a middle aged man with a thick mustache peep in and ask if it was cool to come in. I nodded and let him in.

Once inside, he saw my stance and stood behind me as I continued jerking off. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his own cock and slowly began twisting his cockhead and working himself into an erection. I felt his left hand caress my ass which was really turning me on now and I stuck my butt out a little more for him. His finger gradually found it’s way into my asscrack as he began to slip a finger in me, pushing into my asshole as he moaned lightly. I heard him spit into his other hand and he began to grease my ass up. I knew what was coming next so I arched my butt out more for him.

Within seconds, I felt his warm knob begin to push into my asscrack while he guided his cock into it’s destination. After some pushing, his cock began to ease into my hole and I relaxed myself to let him enter me. It was sheer bliss! He soon had a hold of my hips and began to buck his hips in unison as he fucked me. He had an average sized cock, mildly thin, which made it easier for me to take in. He was pumping pretty steady as I played with my own dick watching these girl on the video screen get fucked by some hot stud, and I soon began following her rhythm. After maybe 3 minutes of poking my ass with his hot cock, he gasp and said, “Of fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and that’s when I felt his warm load pump into my ass. He stiffened for a moment and pumped a few times as he gasped, and then withdrew while spilling his hot sperm onto the floor and some on my pants.

He then reached around me and began playing with my cock which was the hardest it had been in awhile. It didn’t take me long to blow my own load as he worked the cockhead over and over while panting in my ear telling me to cum for him. I popped a load and he rubbed it continuously while glob after glob of cum spurt from the head. After that, we said our goodbyes and then split.

Courtesy of CruisingForSex. 

  1. I like the not the fact of whoring my ass out for seeding, it turn me on meeting strangers, getting it on and leaving, only to go at it again with another….. It’s a rush!

  2. I dont know if there is anything better then the adrenaline rush from fucking an anonymous hole in a public place. Its simply the best.

    1. I know how you feel, it’s an uncontrollable desire to be doing it like animals. Out in the open where someone can see or participate.

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