CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Bad Camp Counselor

Slowly, very slowly I slid his shorts off. His breathing shifted just for a sec. I froze…then his breathing went back to the same rhythm. I stopped and admired this sleeping beauty. His body relaxed and perfect…chest moving up and down. His nipples hard…fuzzy trail from his navel to his pubic bush. His penis looked impressive through his boxer underwear. I pulled them down another inch. I wanted to just dive into his balls and swallow them. But I had to be careful…if he woke now no telling what would happen! I pulled a little more on his boxers. Finally they were down to his knees. I just sat looking at his amazing body. So beautiful, so pristine. My mouth watered….I ached to taste his penis. It lay to one side…half hard. Who knows what he was dreaming.

I was conflicted, should I just get up and leave, is this wrong? He moved again….I froze. I had his boxer shorts down to his knees. How would I explain this if he woke up? My hands were shaking….just try to pull them back up and leave, was all I could think to do. Maybe the signals I had been getting from the boy were wrong. Maybe I was way off base when he seemed to rub up against me the other day. I mean it felt like his penis was hard even. And maybe when his towel fell off in my camp counselor’s office after he sprained his finger during basketball was a mistake. He came to me right after his shower. When he bent to pick it up he turned so his beautiful ass was on full display for me. His penis looked half hard, and he took his time covering up. And maybe his wanting to hang out with me had no motive at all!

But now here I was, looking at his beautiful body, his penis half hard again laying on one side. His hairless balls within my reach. My mouth waters, I wonder what they taste like. I wonder if I can just lick them a little and get away. Fuck, I must be crazy! As if the hand in front of me belonged to someone else, I reached out and touched his balls! Lightly, ever so very lightly. The skin felt like silk. I pulled my hand away and bought it to my mouth. I thought maybe I could taste his balls on my fingers. I was not satisfied. I touched his penis next. I lightly stroked the soft shaft and let my finger slide to the tip of his penis. The boy’s hairless chest inflated with air, and he moved slightly…I froze! The boy settled again. I took my hand from his crotch. I sat looking at him….wanting him so badly.

I lost myself and leaned forward. It was like slow motion. I stuck just the tip of my tongue on the head of his penis. His taste was like crack. I knew I needed more. I let my tongue slide down the shaft of his penis. I was almost at his balls. Then he moved again….I froze! The boy shifted his body, his legs were slightly apart. His penis was hovering just above a blonde silky bush of pubic hair. I got my nerves back and slide my tongue under his balls. His legs spread wider. The taste of this boy had my cock rock hard and leaking. His scent was intoxicating. I slide my tongue back up from his balls all the way to the head of his penis. Things had gone too far I swallowed the head of his penis. The boy began to grow in my mouth. His breathing became shallow. I understood there was no turning back now. I swallowed the length of his penis to his balls. The boy moaned, and spread his legs wide. I began to suck his penis in a rhythm, up and down. The boy was leaking pre cum. Moving to his hairless balls I bathed them in my saliva. Then I slid my tongue back up the shaft of his boy cock. Looking up and into his beautiful face I could see his eyes were open in tiny slits. I swallowed him! I suck that boy’s penis like I was starving. I was starving for his cum.

The boy was pushing his hips up to meet my sucking. Things had moved to a frenzy, a cock sucking frenzy! The boy was holding onto the sheets and bucking up into my face with his penis.

Suddenly he exploded! Sweet boy cum flooded my mouth and throat. It was more cum than I could ever have imagined, and it was sweet thick creamy and delicious! I gulped and swallowed fast. I didn’t want to waste a drop. The boy kept spewing cum. I pulled off just for a sec. I was hit in the face with a huge blast of his boy cum. I got back on his penis and sucked his balls dry!

The boy settled back as if he never woke up! He let me lick his body clean from sweat and cum.

The next day in my office the boy never said a thing. Later that night he wanted to show me something in his tent. That was my first taste of teen cum! I knew at that point I was completely addicted.

Courtesy of Boicumm. 

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