CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Insatiable Hook Up, part 1

Stuck at a divey motel in Mississippi, horned up and stroking with guys online, I decided I needed some real hole, so I hopped on Grindr. Pretty soon I heard a message chirp. He was 18, but lived with his parents, about 30 minutes away, naturally no car. The usual. I figured too much trouble so I told him “No,” but then he sent a hot, hot pix, to which I thought, yeah right, but before I gave-up, I decided to ask for full body shots. To my surprise, he sent them and I started to come around, thinking he was for real, so we made plans.

I hopped in my car, popped some Viagra, slugged some water, and drove myself to his house. All the way he texted me, asking what I was going to do to him. After I tested the waters with some suggestions, it became clear he would let me do whatever I wanted. I was precumming through my pants, imaging my cock in this boy. When I arrived he was standing in the rain on the side of the road. He hopped in all shaggy dog wet, wearing a baggy tee-shirt and sweatpants. All I could see was his profile. Then he leaned-over to me and we started making out right there in front of his parent’s trailer.

On the drive back to the motel, he worked my zipper down and pulled-out my now Viagra-hard cock. He told me he had never before blown a guy in a car. I laughed thinking about all the times before I had been told the same, but this time I actually believed him. I told him to clean up my cock because it was oozing precum. He did as much, and then did his best to deep-kiss me as we were getting onto the interstate. I could taste myself in his mouth, although admittedly I was struggling to make sure we didn’t wreck.

On the highway, he undid his seat belt and completely undressed, tossing his clothes to his feet. I caught a glimpse of him as we passed under the highway lights, but obviously I couldn’t stare as I had to concentrate on driving. Nevertheless I was able to reach over and find his cock. It was big, probably eight inches; it wasn’t hard but amazingly silky smooth, almost baby-like. We passed by a truck inspection zone and, with the glare of scores of sodium lights, I finally got to see how fine he really was: he was boyish but slightly hairy, black treasure trail leading to a thick and long cock surrounded by a nice patch of bushy black pubes. Oh yeah, he had really hairy legs. My cock was out, he was naked, and cars were passing us, which made for a dangerous scene. I was delighted. We got off the highway and pulled-up to a traffic light where he put his clothing back on. A car full of party girls pulled-up next to us and assessed the situation, honked their horn, giggled, waved at us, and peeled-out when the light turned green. The kid and I laughed.

Arriving at the motel room, I knelt and took his cock in my mouth, worked my tongue around it and pulled his sweats completely down. He smelled teenager wet. His beautifully shaped cock was the smoothest I had had in a long time. I asked him “How does it feel?” To which he responded “Okay, but my cock isn’t super sensitive.” A little surprised, I asked him “What does feel good?” He responded “By far, being fucked gives me the maximum pleasure” adding that he had had an infection when a child that had resulted in diminished general sensitivity, but that his ass was still sensitive. Then he floored me by saying “It’s almost impossible for me to cum.”

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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