It had been weeks since I had last had the pleasure of sucking a nice big cock…and I was really horny for one…desperate for cock. I had tried my usual haunts…the tea rooms at the theaters…the rest areas…even the mall bathrooms…but no one came around.

Then yesterday I left my office and entered the elevator. There was a younger guy already in and he said hi in a pleasant way. I nodded and said hi also. As the car descended I glanced down and saw that he had a hardon. It was sticking out against his pants leg and was obviously a big one. When I looked back up he was blushing and looked away. I said, “It’s okay…it happens to me a lot still.” He didn’t say anything and we reached the ground floor. He left before me and I followed…curious as to where he was going. To my surprise, he went down the hallway and into the mensroom.

I followed…hoping that he was giving me a signal. When I entered he wasn’t in sight. Then I saw an open door on the last stall. I went to it and, sure enough, he was standing in front of the toilet. The seat was down and I didn’t hear or see any piss hitting the bowl so I entered and closed the door behind me. He turned around and smiled. I smiled back and glanced down. He held his big hard dick in his hand and was slowly stroking it as he said, “I’m glad you joined me.” Wow!!! Finally a nice big dick to suck. I went to my knees and he rubbed the head of his warm cock around my lips.

“Sit on the toilet,” he demanded. I quickly obeyed…my eyes never leaving his throbbing manhood. He moved closer and once again began rubbing his cock against my face…occasionally slapping it against my cheeks. Oh did I want to take that cock. “Please,” I begged. “Let me suck it.”

He smiled and said, “Then open wide.” I did as he asked and he put the huge cockhead into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and let my tongue swirl around it. He moaned softly…mumbling, “Yeessss…that’s it…taste it…suck some more of my dick.” He pushed several inches into my mouth and I loved the warmth and the feel of his velvety skin. I sucked and he gave me more of his cock until I felt his pubic hairs against my nose. I must have had six inches in my mouth. Then I tasted his salty pre-cum and knew he was ready to give me his load.

I moved my head up and down more quickly and soon he grunted and said, “Here it comes, man.” I moved all the way down on his exploding dick and savored the feeling of his hot cum spurting out into my mouth and down my throat. He shot several long blasts before I felt his cock growing soft. I kept sucking him until he was drained. Then he pulled out and put his dick back in his pants. He nodded and said, “Thanks.” Then he left me sitting on the toilet…the taste of his cum still in my mouth. I waited several minutes and then stood up and left.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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