CUMSLOPPY STORY || Sex Club Escapade

I’d walked past the doorway from both directions quite a few times. Every pass had brought up that peculiar lurching feeling in the pit of my stomach, an uncomfortable mixture of adrenaline and nerves. The simple neon sign flickered listlessly, casting a dull red glow on the concrete below. On the last pass I steeled myself and pushed opened the door. The interior was surprisingly well lit and looked like any number of adult bookstores I’d ever visited. Men wandered in front of stacks of magazines and racks of videos, slyly investigating each newcomer. It was a curious method of cruising I’d never encountered before, glances from under lowered lids, no direct eye contact. I nervously paid the entry fee and half-listened as the cashier explained the layout of the place and pointed me towards the ugliest swinging door I’d ever seen, dirty with a million hand prints.

The utter darkness on the other side of the door took me by surprise and I bumped into several men as I moved along past booths playing fairly dull videos. The entire place was full of listless and bored men, none of them seeming to enjoy themselves at all. It was as if everyone was waiting for someone else to begin things, some cue or signal that had yet to be initiated. I found a stairwell leading down into a poorly lit labyrinth, old brick walls and uneven floors. I stood still in the dimness, vaguely aware of the muffled steps of other men roaming in and out of odd little antechambers. I felt a hand run down the length of my arm and catch my hand, pulling me towards an empty room.

In the pitch blackness I caught a whiff of cologne and felt his arms pulling me to him. He was heavily built and shorter than me, as I realized when he grabbed my head and pulled it down into a deep kiss. I tried to speak but he slid his hand over my mouth and pushed me back into the bricks. In a matter of seconds his pants were down and I was being pushed onto my knees, his hands on my head guiding my mouth onto his cock. I let out a small eager sound and he thrust in deeper. This was my cue that he liked a loud bottom and I gladly began vocalizing as I licked his shaft and caressed his hairy legs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man hovering at the doorway, leaning in to join us. My mystery top simply reached out his hand and firmly pushed the other man back out of the room, fucking my throat the entire time.

He reached down and tugged on my ears, pulling my mouth back up to his. Again he hushed me as I attempted to speak and kissed me hard as his hands snaked down under my pants, slipping his finger down deep until he found my hole. He tugged my pants down to my ankles and slid his finger into my mouth, getting it wet before he slid it into me. He chuckled and spun me around, bending me over. His tongue was shoved into my ass and he wrenched my cheeks apart, his stubble rough against the tender skin. I held onto my ankles as my hole became sopping wet. He spit into his hand and massaged his cock, pointing the tip towards my hole. Before I could even think he was inside me, thrusting deep and rough.

His hands grabbed my waist, guiding me back onto his cock. He seemed intent on pounding the life out of me, my ass split wide open on his cock. His hands slid up to the small of my back and further up to my chest, finding my nipples under my shirt and twisting savagely. I moaned and he tugged harder on them. My moans made his pace quicken and my entire body was shoved back and forth onto his cock. He began a low quick grunting and suddenly his hands grabbed my waist again as he shoved his cock in deep. I felt his cum shoot out and coat my insides, hot and thick. His grunts gradually slowed and he leaned over onto me, spent, as I squeezed the last drops out of his cock.

He slipped out of me and rubbed a finger over my wet hole, slipping it in and out for a bit before reaching forward and sliding it into my mouth. I collapsed onto a bench, cum dripping down my legs. In the dim light I heard him zip up his pants. He bent down and gave me a parting kiss, his features hazy and indistinct in the darkness. His footsteps walked slowly away, muted on the old stone path. I pulled myself together and left the room, a grin on my face.

As I left the club I paused in the chilly air. I caught a whiff of the cologne again and turned back, a group of men exiting together. One handsome stocky man caught my eye and leaned in as he passed me.

“Thanks,” was all he said as he walked away into the night.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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