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Hey, horny men out there.

I have had a very busy week rushing around looking at new flats. It looks like we’ve found a great little newly-formed flat close by where we are now, so fingers crossed, hehe.

But of course I had time for some more naughty fun, too, as always. I met up for a quicky in the office toilet the other day with this tall, dark-haired, hairy-chested young man in his thirties with a massive cock. He just wanted me to suck him so I eagerly started licking his balls till he shoved his man meat deep into my mouth, making me gag on it like nothing before, hehe. It was so horny, I had tears in my eyes, lol (so emotional, hehe).

I came quickly (couldn’t help touching myself), but thankfully he ignored it and just kept mouth fucking me until he shot his huge load deep down my throat, starting to fill me up far down my throat and pulling slowly out till all his cum was totally all over my mouth and beard. I should have had him take a pic of it, hehe (I need to invent a hovering camera that sort of follows me around and film my interactions, lol).


Anyhow, something Liam told me the other week made me think (as most things he says, hehe). He said I’m lucky ’cause I both “have the cake and binge eat it,” lol, referring to the domestic bliss of having a hubby that cooks and cleans and does my dishes for me (when he’s in town) and also for moral support and strong, emotional, brotherly love (as we don’t fuck together, we’re just platonic partners). At the same time, I’m binge eating all the horny fuckers that crosses my path, cocks and bums left, right and centre.

It’s true that I am very happy with this little set up, and in many way I think it’s an ideal way to live for a man: not feeling ashamed about his sexuality, not feeling restrained by it, being allowed to give in to his horniness and not having silly arguments or jealousy issues about it, etc.—I think this is what a man needs. To be happily secure in deep, manly, non-sexual, eternal friendship while at the same time being free as a bird to conquer (or to be conquered by) new men, to experience new sexual highs, and enjoy many lovers.

So this Saturday the move begins… Wish me luck, guys!

Hugs – Anton

PS today is Liam’s birthday, make sure to go to FACEBOOK or TWITTER and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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