CUMSLOPPY STORY || Superb Customer Service

One of the best quickies happened to me at a department store, in the public restroom for the disabled. I was returning a pair of slacks at the men’s department. I didn’t have a receipt and the salesclerk (some young chickie) was giving me a hard time. I asked for the manager. She paged the manager and I waited … annoyed. I noticed this handsome, bald and built man approach the clerk, they talked briefly, she pointed to me, and he walked toward me smiling, offering me his hand. He introduced himself as Jim the department manager. I found him sexy and I could tell he found me attractive too, looking me over with his eyes. We discussed the problem with the return, and he overrode the system and the return was taken care of.

I asked Jim to point me in the direction of the restrooms, and he said that he would show me where they were. Next to the men’s room, was the disabled restroom. I checked the door – unlocked. I looked at Jim and winked and went inside. He followed and locked the door behind us. I couldn’t believe that this had happened. So out of character for me. Jim began rubbing the crotch of my jeans, feeling my half hard cock. I went for his crotch, finding a nice bulge within his dress slacks. Jim dropped to his knees and soon had my jeans and shorts down to my ankles. He took my hard cock between his lips and began a slow deep throat. I held his head and began fucking his mouth. It was quite a sight! A handsome man in a suit, on his knees, taking every inch of my cock between his lips.

After a few minutes, he stood and I went to my knees. I unzipped his dress slacks and reached inside and pulled his hard cock and balls out. His had a nice big cock … well bigger than mine. Pumping that big dick, I went for his hairy balls, licking them first, then sucking them into my mouth. I could hardly get them both in. I sucked those nuts for a little while, before working on that big dick. I loved it! Taking it as deep as I could, enjoying his taste. He began fucking my mouth and I savored it. He fucked my mouth faster and harder, then pulled out and began jacking his big dick quickie, shooting his load over the floor. That was hot.

I leaned up against the wall, and Jim went to his knees, eating my cock again. He was frantically mouth fucking me and it felt great! I told him I was about to cum, but he ignored me and continued sucking me, but faster. I held onto his head as I reached orgasm, his mouth continued working me, swallow my juice as I shot. The orgasm was intense. Jim continued to suck me until I began to grow flaccid.

He stood and kissed me on the lips gently. He asked, “Did I get any on my suit?”

“No,” I answered. “You ate every drop.”

He grinned. “I love cock man. Love it to death.”

We made ourselves presentable and left the restroom.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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