Liam Cole records 20 men in search of sexual OVERLOAD: That point when you can’t think or feel anything outside of the fuck that’s happening right now. Feel it once, and spend the rest of your life finding every opportunity to get it again. – COMING JANUARY 2013




  1. Hi Liam. I am a 57 yo gay man who has gotten turned on to TIM from a gay friend of mine. He knows I love to suck cock and take as many loads as I can get. I also know that I am a bottom that was meant for more than sucking endless cocks (I’m not complaining- I love head). But then he had me watch your video with the great and lucky Ian Jay in “The 1000 Load Fuck”! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see I’m a virgin still at 57. After seeing the sublime look on Ian’s beautiful face and my hole twitching I wanted to be fucked so bad. I also know it goes against conservative gay conventions, but we were made to be fucked without plastic covers on our mens’ dicks. Just as sure as I know I am a bottom I know I need to get fucked to fulfill my fantasy of another strong, macho top finally taking my cherry and giving me his essence of life and sharing my hole with lots of other horny top men to satisfy their needs too. I know that very first cum load I ever sucked from a real man’s cock when I was just 20 is what triggered my sucking gene. I know too that when I am fucked for the first time by a real man and He doesn’t pull out of my man cunt and deposits his cum into me that will likewise forever change me into the cum pig whore I think I can be. You all are to be commended. Your vids have shown me that bareback is best.

    I would love to have the cleanup crew on Ian’s man cunt after his beautiful fucking. Keep up your excellent work, and thank you for showing me that I CAN be filled naturally.

  2. Fuckin’ hot trailer, can’t wait for the movie, especially wanna see Jake Ascott getting nailed…

  3. The call of the wild is answered back the beasts in heat. Raw, natural, and in a pack, ready to howl and mate.

  4. Is Scott Williams the same Scott from Slammed who was fucked blindfolded? I think Scott is the hottest new BB bottom in the business. I’ve been trying to buy every movie that he’s done but so far I’ve only seen him in Slammed. Can anyone help?

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