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I was in Los Angeles on business, working my ass off last week. Long days, crappy people to deal with and one of the least satisfying business trips in a long while. Not complaining. At least I am working. The last night in town, I called down for room service. About 45 minutes later at 9:30, a knock at the door and I open to get my steak and glass of Merlot. The waiter was probably early 30s, around 6-foot-2, great build and looked very “California.” I was enjoying the view when I spied his crotch. He was wearing extraordinarily tight pants that could not hide a massive bulge…and the was clearly hard.

I am in the late 40s, decent build, graying hair and average dick. And I have become a bottom. Love getting fucked. Taking a chance, I joked that he could knock someone out with that thing. He grinned and said it was just that time of night. He said that he got off work at 10 and that he was always feeling “frisky” at quitting time and was headed out for some action after work. I told him that my week had been really crappy, and that I, too, needed some fun and relief. And then I looked him square in the eyes and said: “I’ll bet that giant cock could de-stress me big time.” He grabbed it stroked it through his pants, and just smiled. He left the room – and I thought, well, I struck out there. Guess it was renting a porn flick and jerking off.

After I finished dinner, just for the hell of it, I prepped myself as if I were out cruising showered and took advantage of the nice fluffy robe, and then settled to flick through channels for the right movie. Figured I would jerk and finger my ass. Around 10:30, there as a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole and it was the waiter. “Hey, I could have just left the tray outside the door,” I said as I reached for the tray. He said: “I’m off work. You stared a hole through my pants and made me even harder. Now you need to take care of me…unless you’re one of those guys who is full of shit.”

CSS Impeccable Room Service

With that, he marched in the room. I was in a small suite, so he moved and parked himself on the couch. I walked over to say something and he reached inside my robe and pulled my cock out. And he started to suck. Hard. No foreplay, just sucking. After a couple of minutes, I took his hand, and led him to the bedroom. i took the robe off and he proceeded to slowly undress. He turned as he took his briefs off, and placed his hands over the crotch. He then turned with his hands still hiding his crotch. I was sitting in the bed, and he came over, still covering crotch with his hands. Then, he said; “You wanted to see it is…now suck.” With that he dropped his hands and out sprang the largest cock I have ever seen. It was long, fat and hard with a perfect large mushroom head. My best guess is 10 inches and thick. Certainly bigger than anything I had take in my life.

I licked he head and opened my mouth. I fit as much as I could. Man, I thought, how the hell am I going to take this in my ass???? He was moaning and grabbed my head and started to cum. As a I gulped, I figured that was it. “Man you suck well…really well,” he said, and he formally introduced himself, Calvin…Cal for short. He could tell what I was thinking, when he said: “man I have not finished. I always need to get first cum out of the way!” With that, we started to make out…he finger my ass and grinded his hard cock into my leg. We decided to use the hotel-provided lotion and lube. I lay on the bed, placed a couple of pillows at my crotch to raise my ass, and told Cal it was all his. Damned straight he said, as he gave me a couple of whacks on with his open hand.

CSS Impeccable Room Service

He then started to rub his well-lubed cock on my hole. He pushed. My ass resisted. He pushed some more. My ass resisted. he then gave me another whack as he pushed. Bang. In popped that huge head and the pain was intense. man that thing was big. He just let it rest there, moving ever so slowly to keep his erection rock hard. He pushed some more, until he hit that resistance point in the anal canal. Then, without warning, he pushed hard and I felt the internal pop as his cock shoved well into my ass, into my rectum. He let it rest there, and then said, “Your ass is mine, bitch.” With that he started to fuck. Long slow stokes, pulling out the edge and then ramming it hard. i felt used, abused and excited. His angle was perfect and that huge cock was massaging my prostate with each stoke, driving my cock against he pillow cases. I was insane with sensations. He picked up pace and started to slam my ass hard. It was so intense, so good. It went on for about 20 minutes when I felt a sensation that I have experienced when I have been well-fucked. Without warning, I started to cum — buckets. As I came, my ass clamped hard on this cock, and that was it. He yelled and started to cum and cum and cum.

CSS Impeccable Room Service

When he was finished he lay on top of me whispering in my ear: “Fucking awesome ass.” I got him a glass of wine, we chatted, and then he was hard again and we fucked. And fucked again. This bastard was a cum machine. Finally after 5 times at 2 a.m., he left. I ran a bath to soak my sore ass, and remembered him during the four-hour flight to O’Hare. Wow, great end to a shitty week.

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