CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting What I Deserve

This weekend my bf and i went out fortunately we got into a fight and i dropped him off at the bar and i left. On my way home i decided to go to the local bathhouse. I was coked up which felt perfect for this trip. I went in, striped down and walked through. It really wasn’t that busy. I guess because the bars were still open?

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting What I Deserve I found the hottest guy there. And he was hot. Really built. A little hair on his chest. Totally do-able. I sat down beside him and we started talking. It didn’t take long until we left our spot and went into the wet sauna. He started rubbing my thighs. It felt great. I put my head back and let him give me some well deserved head. after a short while we had an audience, which i hate.

So we left and went into the gym. He pulled out a mat, and he laid down. I jumped on his cock. it was the biggest dick Ive seen and it was hard for me to penetrate. he asked me if i wanted him to go get lube. I didn’t answer, i just spit on my hand and lubed up his dick with some hot saliva. He started fucking me hard. Pounding his dick into my ass.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting What I Deserve

It really didnt last long, he started to pick up the pace and i knew what was coming. He looked me in the eyes and i knew he was cumming in my ass. I could feel his dick pulsate – which is my favorite part. As soon as he was done i jumped up, ran out of the gym. got dressed and left.

The whole drive home i could feel my sticky ass. when i got home i didn’t clean myself out, i just want to sleep. Around 3AM my bf came home and started grabbing my ass. I hoped he couldn’t tell it was cummy but he was so drunk he didn’t notice.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting What I Deserve I started playing with my hole. before long he was pounding his dick in my already used hole. Then he came. Mission accomplished. 2 loads. one from a stranger and one from my bf.

if he only knew….

Courtesy of BehindHisBack. 

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