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I was anxious to see Treasure Island Media’s newest film, “Damaged Goods”. The trailer was hot, provocative, dark and demented.   When I saw the film, I realized something about myself and probably what many other porn connoisseurs  were experiencing:  The craving for more darker sex, non-routine bareback fucking, and the total exhaustive use of a bottom’s fuckhole.  Well this film delivers that impact, and will satisfy any craving for total BDSM depravity.

This film is a new direction for Paul Morris.  While all of his films from various directors are hot and intense, this film may be one of the best yet.  This film is unscripted, real BDSM, and leaves boys bruised, bleeding and well-fucked.  The abuse that some of them take is mind-blowing.  Being tag-teamed and reamed out with huge cocks can either look very painful or very satisfying.  Being a bottom, its the type of treatment I crave, and seeing it on film is a true turn-on.  It took me several days to watch the film, as each scene will make you cum hard…and I mean hard!

This film is directed by Nick Moretti, a pro porn star himself, turned director.  I really dig his style. He stars in this film, in addition to directing it.  This guy knows porn, and how to make it!  I am glad to see him working on films for TIM, and I hope to see more of his work.  This film features some twisted shit.  I mean it will take you to the dark side of hard-core sex.  I mean, Paul Morris has always been extreme in his work, but teaming up with Nick has been a true experiment that has produced some excellent but  demented results.

I was immediately turned on by the first scene.  It was brutal.  Brad McGuire and Nick Moretti just fuck the living shit out of Rowdy McBeal.  Rowdy is a young guy who has the sweetest fuckhole I have ever seen.  McGuire punches Rowdy in the face, nearly breaking his jaw as he brutally fucks him.  The tag-teaming duo have his hands restrained, and Rowdy is at the mercy of these big-dicked fuckers craving his young hole.  The fuck him all over the place, and at the end of the fucking, the camera shows Rowdy’s abused hairy fuckhole, tender and red, spread open, hair slicked down by spit, and cum all over his hole.  Damn it was the hottest vision I have seen in a log time.  I actually watched this scene four times, as I just couldn’t seem to get enough of that heavy action.


This film is full of some of the best in porn: Antonio Biaggi, Chad Brock, Ed Hunter, Morgan Black, Nick Moretti, Patrick O’Conner, and Rowdy McBeal. You simply can’t go wrong with guys like this in a film.

After recovering from scene one, I was hit with scene two.  This scene features BIG dicked Antonio Biaggi pulverizing Patrick O’Conners hole.  He works Patrick so hard that Patrick tears up in the scene.  He smashes his ass with a paddle, burns his cock with wax, and shows no mercy working that huge fucking cock up his ass.  I mean he fucks him so hard, that his balls are swinging in the air and slapping Patrick’s ass when Biaggi has him in a doggy position.  I watched that scene on slow speed so I could see each inch of Biaggi’s cock sink into his hole, and even on slow speed, it seemed fast.  That was one rough pounding. This scene was both disturbing and beautiful.  It is a scene you won’t forget.

Little farm boy, Tyson James gets tied down and hard fucked by Moretti in the next scene.  Tyson is young, smooth and has a succulent fuckhole that grips Moretti’s fat dick.  You can sense the pleasure of his hole as his flesh around his hole ripples with each thrust.  Tyson blows an amazing load after that fucking.  His boy dick is a nice size, and watching him cum with such intensity  after such a hard fucking, pays honor to Moretti for a job well done.

The other scenes in this video are just as intense.  This is unscripted, minimally directed porn.  And it shows. It truly captures raw, primal sex.  It shows the balance of pleasure and pain.

Nick Moretti commented about the film in his article on the TIM blog: “After years as a performer and then director at another studio I was finally released from their dungeon. My mind was filled with so many things I had wanted to document on film. Dark and disturbing, raw and beautiful things. Things I wasn’t allowed to do in the past, for whatever reason. There was only one company I had any interest in sharing my ideas with; that was Treasure Island Media. From what I had seen of their films I knew they weren’t afraid to push limits and explore sexual boundaries. In fact, they excelled at doing just that.”

While I love so many of TIM’s films, this has to be perhaps one of my top favorites.  If there is any porn film you get this year, this one is a must.  When you ad TIM’s philosophy and quality to a film, and add Moretti’s dark, unscripted style, you get a BDSM masterpiece.  This film is definitely a 5 star production.  I can’t wait to see more from Moretti.

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