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I love eating ass. Give me a nice bubble butt and I’m set for hours of enjoyment! Spreading those cheeks to reveal a beautiful stink star makes my dick drip with precum. A wide variety of men in the world means a wide variety of holes. Sometimes, they’re hairy. Sometimes, they’re smooth. Some holes are tight and some holes are, let’s say, broken in. And sometimes, you get that surprise taste of cum. They say, when you have sex, you’re having sex with that person and the people they’ve been with. Well, I say, the more the merrier!

I always spend a while munching on a sweet hole. It makes my hard dick even harder when I hear the guy moan in ecstasy, while I’m sending him on a sexy journey to Pleasureland. It’s amazing the things you can do with your mouth, face, fingers and flavor-saver (my beard, for those of you who haven’t found out.) My tongue likes to explore the area around a hole. My lips like to grab and pull on the hair that surrounds the hole. I grab the meat of his ass cheeks as I bury my face deep in there, sticking my tongue into a hole as far as I can. Tongue fucking a hole is amazing. This makes me happy and horny. I go between gently slurping to ferociously devouring a nice man pussy. Sometimes, when I see someone else eating a nice ass, it makes me feel like a kid who’s friend got the better toy for Christmas… “I want THAT toy!”


I love to tongue a nice tight hole and get it real wet. Then, I tease that hole with the head of my dick, pushing against the hole and feeling it open up. Then, I go back down and lick some more. It’s like I get into a rhythm of licking a bit and teasing his hole a bit. Each time I press my cock in that special spot, it goes in a little more, until finally, it’s ready for my entire cock to slide in.

14 After I’ve given him a good pounding, I usually go back down to taste the load I’ve deposited. I love feeling the difference between the tight hole that I was about to pound and the gaping cum dump that eventually remains. No matter who it is, they always wind up loose and used.

There was a time when I went to fuck a guy who has one of the hottest asses anywhere. This was the type of ass that turned heads when it walked by. The boy is athletic. He probably gets his ass from cycling so much. Whatever he does, it works! One weekend, his boyfriend, who is a close friend of mine, was going out of town. He wanted to surprise his boy with my cock. I knew them, but I had never played with either of them. They had a good deal going on between them. They were open, but when one was out of town, the other was free to get as piggy as he wanted to be. This particular day, the boyfriend was doing a marathon cum collection session. My friend told me to be there at 11 a.m. He would be blindfolded and ready for me. Shit! It was such a turn on to know that as I fucked him, he wouldn’t know it was me.


At 11, I buzzed the buzzer and he lets me in. I go up to the apartment that I had been to many times before, but only for drinks. I walk into the bedroom to find him on all fours on the edge of the bed, with his beautiful ass up in the air waiting for me. Like I said, I love to eat ass, so I start to tongue his ass for a while. What do I taste? Cum! Delicious cum! What a whore! And he wants more. I eat his ass for as long as I can, until I can’t wait to slide my cock into that hole! He has kept the blindfold on and I’ve maintained my anonymity, so there weren’t any words shared. Without even looking for lube, I used the spit that I left from eating his ass to let my cock slide in. Plus, all the lube that was in there would serve as incredible lube for my cock. I start to fuck that loose and sloppy hole. It’s real sloppy. He’s moaning like I’m the first. I’m probably the biggest, but I know I’m not the first. I pound his ass so good for almost an hour. Watching my hips thrust against that round ass, I can’t help but blow my load deep inside him. I try not to make much noise, but as y’all know, I always make more than a little noise when I cum. Then, I go down and eat his ass some more. I can’t tell if it’s my load I’m tasting or the load of the other guy/guys who were there before me. Without saying a word, I get my clothes on and leave. He’s a good pig, staying put until I’m gone. He was probably fingering his hole, where I had just left my load, before I even got to the door.


Later, he tells me he knew it was me, because he recognized the sound of my voice when I was grunting as I came. And he knew that I have a huge cock with a piercing. I asked him how many loads he had in his ass before me that day. He said 5. And it was only 11 am! What a slut! And what an ass! He made many men happy that day.

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  1. YUM….I love to work my tongue in a nice hot ass full of cum. Nothing better than eating a nice ass after it’s been used, and filled with cum

  2. Tongue-fucking an open hole–the best!
    Pony’s tumblr blog (ponytim.tumblr.com) says that there’s an upcoming Treasure Island video called “Butt Snack,” a rimming video. I can’t wait.

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