CUMSLOPPY STORY || Adding A Little Extra

After I returned home from the gym Monday morning, I received a text from a fuck buddy seeing if I was available. I told him I was and just had to grab a shower. We make plans to meet at my place in an hour.

I met him on A4A. He is 23yo, 5’10”, 160 pounds, neg, submissive bottom. We’ve had a few hot bareback fuck sessions before so I knew a good time was going to be had. I was going to try and push his limits a little more this time. Nothing better in life than some good fuck buddies.

Having a few extra minutes after my shower, I light up my volcano vaporizer and get nice and baked. He knocks at the door. “Nice to see you, bitch” I say and grab the back of his head with my hand and begin assaulting his mouth my tongue. My cock is sticking hard out of the opening of my jeans and he grabs hold of it. “You need that dick inside you, huh” I tease him. “Oh yeah, daddy” he replies as I hold his hand and walk him to my bedroom.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Adding A Little Extra

We strip our clothes off and throw them on the floor. I take the leather belt off of my jeans and put it around his neck. We both give each other a knowing smirk. “Get on your knees, bitch. Put my dick in your mouth.” He complies, gets on his knees, and works my dick over with his mouth like he’s been starving for some manmeat. All the while, with one hand, I am holding on to the belt that’s wrapped around his neck and using my other hand to fuck his face. I withdraw my cock a few times to slap him in the face with and to watch him lick up my leaking precum.

“Ready to get raw fucked, bitch?” “Yes, sir” he replies. I direct his movement with the belt around his neck and place him on back on the bed. “Lift your legs up” I tell him as I find his hole and unload a bunch of spit on it until its nice and slimy. I apply some more spit to my cock and tell him “here it comes” as I push the head of my raw cock inside his hole. He takes it well and grabs my ass with one hand and urges me to fill him all the way. I push in til my pubes are resting against his ass then I make my cock throb deep inside him and say “can you feel me in you?” “Yeah, man. Feel’s fucking great. Now, fuck me.” I needed no further encouragement. I drilled his ass in and out with my seven inch cock. At one point, i grab his throat with both my hands to choke him as I fuck the shit out of him. He’s loving. Eyes all glazed over with a grin on his face.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Adding A Little Extra

Well, I know he’s enjoying himself so I wanna try something else while fucking him. I open his mouth wide with my fingers and let spit dribble from my mouth into his and making, sharing our saliva. That was hot. Sharing bodily fluids with friends and strangers is one of the top sexual experiences. It was not just my saliva this bottom was going to take home with him. I had a big load of cum brewing for his hole.

“Twist my tits, bitch. Im getting ready to seed your ass.” He immediately grabs my large, sensitive nipples and tweaks them. I keep pounding his ass ever faster. “Okay, boy. You ready for my load?” “Breed me, daddy” he answers as I shove my cock as deep inside him as possible and flood his boycunt with my babymakers. “Take it, bitch. Uhhhh” I order as I empty all the seed in my balls.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Adding A Little Extra

We lay next to each other for a couple minutes, catching our breathes, and sweating. I grab towels for both of us. As he leaves, he gives me a hug and kiss. “Don’t forget to keep my load inside you as long as possible.” He gives me a knowing smile and takes off.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. Very good story again – with hot pics. I love take spit on my face and mouth too…

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