CUMSLOPPY STORY || Filled For The Day

I was sitting home on a Sunday and my latino friend texted me. I told him I just broken-up with my BF and he remarked “That’s great. Now we can play.” (Little did he realize I thought he was so hot I would have played with him even while I was with my BF!) He kept asking if he could come over, and eventually I agreed. I added that I would be wearing the jock strap he had given me some time before. He came over and found me already on the bed, my hole lubed up and ass in the air.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Filled For The Day

He presented himself and I start sucking his 7.5″ thick cut cock. As I was sucking him he kept asking “You want my load?” to which I replied “Yes, please give it to me.” He then got on the bed, lined his cock up with my hole and slowly slid in. He kept going in and out slowly then starts ramming me nice and deep and hard. Soon enough he said “Damn, man, you’re going to make me blow quick. You want my seed, dude?” I responded “Yes, please give it to me. Make me your cum dump.” He obliged and started moaning as he filled my hole. I could feel each spurt as it blew nice and deep. He then pulled-out and said “Hey, sorry to do this, but I gotta run. I’m expecting company at home soon.” I guess he came and got what he wanted and all I wanted was his load anyway so it was perfect.

All that fuck did was to make me hornier for more cum, so I texted another friend and invited him to come over. He didn’t know I had just been fucked or had a load already in me. I retained the jock strap. My buddy arrived fairly soon thereafter and I immediately sucked him. In truth he skull-fucked. He has about a seven inch cock that is wickedly thick, so swallowing his cock was a challenge. After a couple minutes of oral play he positioned me on my back at the edge of the bed so he could watch my face as he fucked me.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Filled For The Day

Let me just say he slid in and pounded me good and hard. He even started to make my hole sore, but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting his load. His face told me he was starting to get close, and then he then filled me well. After he recovered he pulled-out asking “Mind if I take a quick shower before I go?” I replied “Sure” and immediately went on A4A looking for load three. Later I found out he was on his way to my bottom friend’s place to also give him a load. He’s such a slut! I love it!

I found a third guy on A4A who was really excited to be load three in my hole. As he was in his 40s, he was older than the other two guys with whom I had played that day. He came-in to find me naked on the bed, my ass in the air. I still had the jock strap on, it was all soggy with cum and lube. He walked into my bedroom asking “Is someone ready to get fucked?” I replied “Yes, fuck my slutty hole. Give me your load.” He was able to slide right in without any further lube or anything. Once he was in me I began begging “Fuck that slutty hole and give me your load, please seed me, give it to me please.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Filled For The Day

He blurted out “Shit I’m so fucking horny – I’m not going to last long. Oh shit – here it comes. Oh yeah, feel that warm cream deep inside you.” After he finished cumming (and he came a lot), he said “I’m glad I could help you out.” I returned his thanks, and relaxed on the bed like the cum dump I am until he left. Later in chatting with a friend I figured out he had bred a friend of mine the day before. I loved thinking of his cock having been in my friend the day before and in me today.

With that said, I’m back on-line today looking for more loads for my hungry hole.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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