Paul’s Men Vol. 13 || FORREST

EBOOK-13Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. With captivating photographs, raw observations, and a thoughtful, candid recounting of each singular encounter, Morris illuminates the nude bodies and revealed souls of the real men he meets. Now you can experience what it’s like to be in the studio with Paul through these behind-the-scene stories and full color images taken by the man himself.

PAUL’S MEN–a series of eBooks optimized for the Apple iPad by Treasure Island Media, so you can have hot, hung, beautiful men wherever you go.



“The art of being a pornographer is recognizing limits and boundaries. Sometimes men want their boundaries to be crossed, to be redefined, redrawn.
But it’s extremely important to recognize when that’s not the case. For some men–like Forrest–a primary boundary is crossed when they walk in the door, remove their clothes and present themselves to you…
The expression ‘still waters run deep’ most definitely applies to Forrest. He’s 25, intense, quiet, and (to my eyes) extraordinarily beautiful. His nakedness was in itself a perfect statement, a remarkable presence.” – Paul Morris



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