Had a guy over that I’ve been trying to connect with for a long time. Finally made it happen. And I was just expecting a relaxing blow n go… turns out he is a REAL cock pig.

When we get seated on the couch, I’m already pulling my dick out and guiding him down. Before he reaches my crotch, he looks up and says, “No rush…” This is what I love to hear from an oral bottom and hate hearing from a guy whose dick is in my mouth.

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He starts off teasingly, kissing my cock and licking my balls. Get it in your mouth. He does and starts to suck me. He’s really quite good at it, but I can tell he can do better and get him down on his knees. Yup, he can go all the way down, nose-to-pubes, over and over again. He can go down and then tilt his head so I go even deeper in his throat and stay there. I can hold his head at this point and fuck his throat until he can’t breathe any more and he has to come up for air, choking and gasping a bit, and then he’s right back down on it.

It’s even better when I stand up. Now I can really fuck his face. And he loves it. He wants it. When I give him brief moments of rest, and all he has to do is just blow me, it’s always him that eagerly returns to throating me.

Except for one thing. He doesn’t seem entirely at peace with being used as an oral fuckhole. Especially early on, he keeps switching to what he started with, a more sensual kind of pleasuring, lips and tongue on my balls or inner thigh. In these cases it’s always me that returns us to his proper place: mouth open, my dick in it.


This IS his proper place, which we can both tell because he’s taking my cock fucking his face longer and longer, possibly because we both know how this will end. He has to stop running from my cock if he wants to ever finish.

Sometimes I like to hold his head fixed in space and play with different ways of fucking him: long, rhythmic strokes where I pull almost all the way out before slamming it back into him, or short deep strokes as I force-throatfuck him.

Other times I like to be the one to not move as I guide his head, sometimes gently, sometimes not, with one or both hands again and again up and down the length of my cock.


It’s been a long time since he got off my cock, and I’m getting close. I begin to wonder if he can last. When I start to make some noises, he tenses and gets closer. I know he’s good to go. I’ve got both hands on the back of his head fucking his throat because what’s getting me off is knowing that I’m about to… that I’m cumming deeply down his throat. Spurt after spurt, and in the middle of it I look down and see him, eyes closed, the base of my shaft coming out of his mouth, and I learn something about who he is.

Whatever those sensual interludes are about, this man needs cock in his mouth and cum down his throat. He needs it in a way that eclipses my use and abuse of him. Perhaps he needs it because it takes him someplace. I wait for him to come back before I pull out.

Courtesy of RealSFGaySex.

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