CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Am Very Proud Of Myself

I took my first load the other night. I went out and did a little drinking two nights ago, and then went to the West Side Club. Not a lot of drinking, just like a six pack – I am a biggish sort of guy, 5’ 11”, 205 lb, so it gets me a little buzzed but not too bad and since I don’t do drugs, this is what gets me by.

So I went into the bath house and was only there for a few minutes when I saw this bottom I had propositioned in the past – turns out we are both bottoms, so nothing happened, but he is handsome and muscular and he mentioned to me once about wanting to have his ass eaten out, so I stopped him as he walked by my room and said “you like to have your ass eaten, don’t you?” and when he answered yes, I told him to come in. Yeah I am a bottom, but I really wanted to mess around with him and I figured I could fake it for a few minutes.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Am Very Proud Of Myself

He got down on the bed on all fours with his ass in the air and when I started licking his hole, I noticed the taste of cum. I asked him if anyone had cum in him that night and he said yes – two guys. Only the second time I had ever eaten a guy’s ass in my life and it was cummy – good for me!

What I wasn’t prepared for was how turned on I got by eating him out – my dick got hard so I figured I would fuck him – I have an 8 inch cock (cut) and he really seemed to like it – he really wanted me to cum in him, but I had just gotten there and told him maybe some other time – but that was great.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Am Very Proud Of Myself

Then I met this guy who was short, Latino, muscular – real triple threat. We got to talking and he asked me if I partied and I told him no, but I was getting curious – so many guys seemed into it – I told him I was thinking of drinking Tina piss – to me it seems less dangerous than smoking and DEFINITELY less dangerous than slamming. Long story short, we went into the men’s room and he pissed into a glass and then took out a syringe and injected 2 cc of piss into my ass. I am glad I didn’t drink it, man it smelt ripe! But, nothing happened, or at least nothing that I could detect- I didn’t feel a thing – maybe next time I WILL drink from a (well hydrated) guy’s dick

Anyway, a little while later, I passed a guy’s room. He was a dark-skinned black guy, which I really find hot – he was skinny and I bet he didn’t weigh over 135, which I usually don’t like (I like a guy with at least a 50% chance of being able to pin me if we were wresting) but the thing that made me go for it was his dick. He had a long, thin dick. Usually, I go for a long thick cock (usually only blow guys, have only recently started getting fucked), but I knew if I was getting fucked that I stood a better chance with this guy than with someone else.

Started with blowing him – he thought I was there for him to blow ME- but eventually, I had him on his back and was sitting on his dick and riding him for all I was worth. He stopped suddenly and I went to clean him off and I tasted cum. I asked him if he had cum (I wasn’t upset for some reason- I guess I figured it would happen eventually- I certainly fantasized about it enough and kind of went out that night looking for some big bruiser with a big dick to breed me) and he said he thought maybe he did.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Am Very Proud Of Myself

I smiled to myself thinking “This guy just stealthed me!”, smiling because I would have said yes if he had asked, but also smiling because how the fuck does a guy cum without KNOWING it? Surely he was bullshitting me! I reached behind me to my ass and sure enough, there was slimy cum dripping out of my hole for the first time- still can’t get used to it – after 30 years, FINALLY someone had cum in my ass. I don’t mean I am 30 years old- I mean I have been practicing safe sex for 30 years!

Anyway – like I said, I couldn’t wait to tell you guys – course I am a little nervous and will get tested again in a couple of weeks and then it will probably be a long time before I have another night like that (sorry, but I am a pussy), but I am SURE that another night like that will be had – and I am just as sure it won’t take another 30 years.

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