Cum-Religion, 8 Foot Phallus

You probably don’t know this, but Paul Morris is, among other things, an ordained minister. Appropriate considering that Treasure Island Media is a full-fledged cult. “For Paul sex among men is nothing less than religious,” says Pony Hunter. “And the phallus is our symbol.” It should be no surprise, then, that Paul recently commissioned a mammoth 8 foot tall cock statue cum religious icon..


After initial discussion, Paul decided that the cock sculpture should be of an uncut cock. Sketches were made and Oregon-based artist Greg Carrigan was given the job of crafting the 8 foot tall sculpture.

As Carrigan worked on the sculpture, he found that people–gay and straight, male and female– were drawn to the enormous phallus as if by magic. “I don’t know how they all heard about it, but people here in Portland were constantly coming in asking if they could touch it, if they could be photographed with it.”


Once it was finished, Matt Mason and Pony went to Portland to bring the icon to TIM headquarters. On their way back, the truck was flagged down by a cop near the Oregon- California border to pull over. “The cop asked what we were hauling,” Pony recounted with a laugh. “I told him that it’d be better just to show him. So I went back with him and slid open the gate. The cop froze and finally said ‘Is that a giant dong?’ I said yes and after a long pause, the cop nodded and told me to close the gate and be on my way.”


“It’s undoubtedly the biggest cock in the United States,” says Matt. “It took a crowd of men to get it from the truck into the building. It’s amazing.”

As enormous as the sculpture is, visitors to the TIM offices sometimes don’t notice it until they’re leaving. “It’s almost unnoticed in our day to day work. I think that’s because it represents the very embodiment of what we do at TIM and why we do it,” says Paul. “In a real sense, the entire company works in service to that icon and what it represents.”


  1. TIM is by far the leader in promoting the revival of Phallic Worship and I have followed Paul for years on Blogspot and Tumblr. Hail Cock! God is Cock! Cock is God! Worship Cock! 666SODOMY.

  2. I m truly a Cockworshipper ( my religion..) and that’s a wonderful giant Penis ! Nice work our God ( Cock ) has seemly been with you.

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