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Imagine my sense of luck as I wandered into the darkened space and we locked eyes. I noticed him. He noticed me. His rounded face, the Latin boy — no more than 26 — and with a nice build. That slight layer of baby fat still on his bodybut slimming down. Probably around 5-foot, 10 inches and no more than 170 pounds, he had a little whispy beard around his chin and jawline. But his eyes were a captivating blue. Men of all shapes and sizes filled the bookstore labyrinth and I’d just arrived. Within moments, I knew the Latin lover ranked in the top third of the men. Within moments, he enters abooth, with a knowing look as I walked to the booth on the opposite side. Through the gloryhole, I could see his indistinct leather woven sandals — it had turned unusually warm for a Februaryday but I’d never wear anything open-toed at this bookstore for fear of fungus creeping up between my toes. I locked the door behind me. As I unbuckled my belt, I noticed him doing the same and began to worry we might have crossed signals. Within a moment, it looked as if we had. He shoved his cockinto the gloryhole. Good news for me, even in its flaccid state, it didn’t seem all that impressive. He’d pulled back the foreskin over the shinnyhead. I reached down and held it for a moment, considering my options and then, shrugging for a moment, decided to go ahead. I sucked. Within moments, the little guy reached full mast of  4½ inches. His naturally uncut cock proved impressively rigid. Luckily, for someone like me with a gag-reflex from hell, I didn’t need to worry. He stepped back from the hole and I stood, sticking my half-hard cock through. He worked my cock with deftness of a bottom. Lightly cupping my balls, his tongue danced across my head then down my shaft before slowly working it into his mouth. Of course, my prick reached full potential of 7 inches and he enjoyed every inch, occasionally massaging my balls. I closed my eyes and leaned back a bit to enjoy the sensation, only to have it stop and his hand push at my cock. His did now wrestling for my spot. I obliged and sucked him a little. It couldn’t have been more than a minute before I stood and put my cock back where it belonged. And like me, he sucked just a moment.He grasped my cock firmly by the base and I could feel the cool air around it as spit-soaked, it stood in the open air. Then something unfamiliar and suddenly familiar occurred as a pucker of his ass plunged down on it in a swift motion. Fucking hell. Jackpot! This guy has obviously been working up to this moment as he needed no adjustment. I looked down to see his hairy Latin cheeks bulge through the gloryhole. I went to pound town. Beginning to fuck his hole. Working it. Finding the corners of pleasure. Discovering the sensations of his beautiful ass chute. As I debated in my mind whether to breed this little fucker, deciding quickly that, yes, he would get my load. I buried my cock, in a moment to reach into my jeans pocket around my knees to grab my poppers. At that moment, in a split second pause, he began bouncing on my cock. Oh the pleasure! I was beginning to like this little fucker! His ass muscles clenched around my cock as I found the poppers and began to bring them up. Then, in that moment, my cock was abandoned. Lonely. Wet and left. Confused, I pulled back and looked. And there, I saw his little uncut cock spewing forth cum onto the floor between the feet of those sandals. As I looked a bit bewildered, he gave me a thumbs-up sign, zipped up and left the booth. Story courtesy of Mark Bentson of

  1. Dude. You guys got Mark Bentson? Congrats! That guy’s blog is hott as ass.


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