CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Old Northgate Men’s Room

I used to travel around the state for a job that soon evaporated. During that time I would spend three weeks at each field office for the agency I worked for. You’d fort up in a cheap low class motel for three weeks at a time. The rooms were so seedy that at times it felt better to sleep on the floor then try to use the worn out beds, you didn’t get fresh linens or towels and they’d leave porn magazines with cards to call hookers in the drawers.

The walls were paper thin and you could hear much of went on in the adjoining rooms. This entire ruckus made me decide to find other things to do. I was making very little money and was spending a lot for the room which I would be reimbursed for and it was hard.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

When times are stressful I can pretend to shop and get relief or I can have sex and get relief. I had no partners available so I was shopping at the Northgate Mall. I had looked through the stores and needed to use the bathroom. It took a while to find and was very busy. I needed to sit down and all the stalls were busy. I waited and watched. There was a lot of flushing and I could hear toe tapping and sliding of legs on the floor.

I had experienced under stall sex and found it very exciting. After a while someone finally left and I was in the back stall. I sat down and leaned way down forward for a look up the line of stalls. Like I said they were full and the feet were tapping. I saw heads looking down from the other end as well.

It is hard to make sense out of details when you are looking upside down. The shoe next to me was tapping, so I tapped back. I am very shy in a public situation like this but a hand shot under with a note. It said; follow me for sex. I wrote back, okay, thinking what the heck.

I followed the guy out to his car. He invited me to have sex with him in his home which was nearby. I drove my car and followed him. When we arrived we went downstairs to what looked like the rumpus room with his bed on the far side and he began to remove his clothes. He was in his mid-twenties, was at least six feet two in height,good looking and slender. He had kind of a swimmers build, not much body hair, but long fine brownish hair up top. His seven inch or so dick was hard and already twitching with excitement. His balls were quite small, almost tucked up into the base of his dick.

I have a fairly average dick. I have big balls and moderate hair. My dick is circumcised as his was. He dropped down and began giving me an awesome blowjob. When I get this initially I think what am I going to have to do. In this case it was no different, except he flipped onto his belly, lubed himself in his ass with petroleum jelly (old school!) and cheerfully asked me to “put it in.” My dick was throbbing and jumped with anticipation. I felt he was from Scandinavian background, with him just lying there I climbed aboard and began rubbing his crack with my dick. He had extremely long legs which I took hold of like the handlebars of a motorcycle to steady up on. He was moaning and it just kept getting me hotter and hotter. He had his hands back spreading his cheeks, my dick was pressing close like a dog in heat and I was trying to find that certain spot. He reached through and with a direct move put me up inside him.

Initially I spooned up inside him and I hugged him and smelled his hair. Guy’s hair has a masculine smell like straw at times. I find it exciting and sliding my hands down his back I felt his ass. Guy’s asses are usually smaller then women’s and I always marvel at their small size. You’ll find me measuring with my hands, palm to palm, asses are a study for me I kneaded his cheeks and they were that perfect small size that gets me freaky.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

My dick was now up inside him like a boat hook. He was thrusting his hips against me softly so I began to thrust back. He moaned more and pushed back firmly. I moved inside his back thrust and stayed in place; that moved me deeper and deeper inside him. Each time I went further he shivered. I murmured, “you’re gorgeous.” He was not forming words but his throb of deep satisfaction from his hips told me he was craving what I had to give.

Guys like this are few and far between. The moments you find with them should be banked like a savings account for the other times when they’re not so good looking, they’re not so quick to share and it is all work.

In this instance he was charging me through my dick with a joyous energy of two guys pulling together. It can be beautiful when done like this. It feels like it would be if you rode a motorcycle with no clothes on, just the two of you with the dynamics of man sex as the motorcycles roaring power. You cling together, sometimes this happens, but more often than not one screws it up by saying, “this hurts” or “I’ve got to get cleaned up for work”; why are guys always trying to double track their thoughts? These distractions always destroy the moment. Another little bitch, what would be wrong with shutting both cell phones off till your freaking finished? But I digress.

When the two of you can stay together though; the ride can be pure pleasure. This was one of those moments. I didn’t know the name of the guy I was riding with but it didn’t matter because he had me. Round the bend and up the valley we went, faster and faster, my dick was throbbing and I have to admit I got lost in the turns. I exploded, blew a white tire of cum, wobbled off to the side of the road of love and collapsed into a wrecked heap.

As he turned over I could see that his dick had left a skid of a wet spot on the bed. I drew him close to me.

I pulled down with my mouth and sucked him back to an erection. My finger was just inside his love canal and I made the statement of sharing rather than playing amateur proctologist on him. He was still warm and full of me which made him slick. It didn’t take long, I rubbed his nipples which were small and erect with my free hand. I licked him all the way to his pubes; while holding there and pressing with my tongue he exploded his load like a burst fire hose.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

I flipped him over again and held him in my arms and spent some time touching his tiny belly. Although he was taller than me he was content to be cuddled. After some time we separated, stumbled through the usual awkwardness of mixed clothing, his neatly stacked, mine inside out, upside down and under the bed as well. He thanked me, led me to the door and sent me back to my hell-hole dive of a cheap motel room.

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