CUMSLOPPY STORY || 4am Wake Up Call

Around 11pm Saturday evening I received a text from my all time favorite fuck buddy, who spent the last semester in France, letting me know he was going to be in town until tomorrow morning. He said he was on his way out to a bar to meet up with friends. I offered to leave my door unlocked and he would be welcome to swing by for some late night action.

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I passed out around 1am. Around 4am I woke up in a dream-like state to my buddy straddling me naked. He is 21, white, 5’8″, 140 pounds, 8.5cut thick. He’s just perfect. He started off by blowing me hard. We have been messing around for years, and I think some of my experience has rubbed off on him as he blows me to perfection. He blew me for a while and went down to sucks on my balls. I reached for his massive cock, and it was hard as a rock.

I told him to switch positions and lay on his back. I went down on his cock and balls and then put his legs up and tongue fucked his delicious boy hole. I made love to his body for 10 minutes then reached for my handcuffs and cuffed him up. This boy tends to jerk off as I pound him, which speeds up the fuck too quickly so some restraint is helpful. After he was cuffed, we made out and I lubed us both up. I put his legs on my shoulders and lined my raw cock up to his hole. He pushed back on my bare cock. He was ready for it. I pumped him with powerful thrusts. He couldn’t control his moaning.

Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

Soon after, I flipped him on his stomach with his cuffed arms above his head and pumped away at his raw hole. He told me he loved the feeling of my balls slapping against his ass. After a few minutes of pumping him on his stomach, I flipped him back over and reentered his raw hole. He asked the last time I came and I told him the prior day. He grinned and said to me that he wanted all my cum inside his ass. I took him up on that offer and sped up my fuck until my cock was rooted deep inside his ass.

“I’m breeding your hole now, boy. Feel it?”

“Yeah I can feel it flowing inside me. Fucking amazing.”

Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

I grabbed his hard cock, lubed it up, and sat on it. I let him pump his massive raw cock in my ass until I worked out a quick load of college cum inside my raw ass.

We made out, chit chatted, and he departed. It was such a pleasure seeing my boy again.

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