“You really are a cum pig, aren’t you?”, he said as he turned my head toward the mirror of the dresser in his bedroom.


As I looked at the spooge which he had just shot all over my face, I was in no position to disagree. My cum-covered lips tuned up in a smile proved his point.

As much as it’s possible for a pig like me to be able to, I love Mike. We had met about 2 weeks ago at a glory hole. He was my first cock that day and I was hungry for it. He told me later that my grunts of pleasure as I blew him made me a stand out from all the other guys who had sucked him. He said that’s what a starving man must sound like after spending 10 days in the desert. As I felt his cock get harder and my tongue felt the tell tale rising of his man-sap, I broke off his cock and said breathlessly, “On my face!” A nanosecond later his first rope of cum landed on the bridge of my nose. My favorite spot, because I could kinda see it, and then later it would slowly run into the edges of my mouth. The second and third spurts me on the lips. Mmmmm. The fourth and fifth on my right cheek. Good. I would have something to show when I walked home later, although I was hoping 4 or 5 other guys would add their cum later. And I would probably swallow a couple of loads for good measure.

I sucked the last of the cum out of him then licked his cock clean then I sat back on my heels. My hard cock was throbbing. I wondered how long it would be before I allowed myself to touch it this time. My record for not cumming was 6 days. I would have gone longer except it was actually painful to have all that cum accumulating. Someone told me straight guys call that “blue balls”. On the other side of the glory hole I heard the guy catching his breath. Then he did something that shocked me. He spoke!

“Fuck you’re good!”. I silently accepted his recognition of my life’s work, but WTF?

“I mean really good! Wanna grab a beer somewhere?” I was gob-smacked! The top never talks to the bottom at a glory hole! Well, apart from, “Yeah take it all you cocksucker” and other terms of endearment. The top just zips up and leaves. Those are the rules. Plus this guy was asking me to have a beer with him. Like a date or something.

“Well? You wanna?”

I felt the rivulets of the cum he splattered on the bridge of my nose make their way to my mouth. I love that part of the post-blow-job afterglow. He was spoiling things.

“C’mon. Let’s go! Meet you outside” He said it not in a Master/slave way, but I got the impression he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So I got to my feet, and left the cubicle. After the darkness of the glory hole area, my eyes blinked in the light of the porn shop, and the cum glistened on my face. The clerk at the front of the store looked up and saw that it was only me and went back to watching “The Price is Right.” The only other person in the store was this guy about 25. In a quick appraisal, I figured he stood just under 6-feet. He had black hair and blue eyes and looked just fine in his tee and jeans. With a smile he said, “Hi”. That’s all, “hi”. And with that he turned on his heels and started to walk out of the store. When he was almost at the door, he turned back, and gave his head a jerk, indicating I should follow him. I did.

I’m not going to go through all the usual “OMG! He was so gorgeous” crap guys usually do. To me a guy is just a life support system for a cock. And a cock is just a delivery system for cum. But I will say he looked fine in the porn shop. And he didn’t change when we got outside.

Treasure Island Media, TIMSuck

“Let’s go to that pub down the street”, he said and began to walk toward it. I knew the place he meant. The clientele were mostly old, bitter fags. But it was close and I would get a kick out of the reactions of the old queens when they saw the cum on my face, branding me as the cum pig that I am and then when they saw the guy I was with.

The street was quite busy with shoppers and people heading out for lunch. I got some shocked glances from people who saw the still wet cum on my face and recognized it for what it was. My cock which had softened a bit at the shock of being spoken to in a glory hole got hard again and tented my skater shorts. I had been keeping my distance from the guy. He was about 10 feet in front of me, when he turned around stopped. He wanted me to catch up with him! I couldn’t believe it, but I did. He started walking again and I kept pace.

“I’m Mike, by the way”, he said offering me his hand which I shook hesitantly. Considering I had his cock in my mouth 3 minutes ago, I don’t know why I was so tentative.

“Danny”, I said.

“You must be thirsty after all that work, Danny”, he said with a smile as we reached the pub. He winked at me. What was it with this guy?

The usual assortment of queens were on the patio. And as I knew they would, first they looked down their noses at me and then their jaws dropped when they saw the guy I was with. I could almost feel their jealousy crash over me in waves.

Mike went to a table in a corner closest to the sidewalk.

“This ok?”, he asked. I sat down which told him it was fine. So far I had uttered only one word, my name.

A waiter was there almost immediately. He sized me up for what I am and took a long, and puzzled look at Mike.

“I’ll have a Guinness. Danny?”

“Same,” I said.

The waiter left. I could just imagine what he would tell the bartender when he got back inside Personally I didn’t care. As Popeye says, I am what I am. But Mike. I couldn’t figure him out. Then again, I didn’t have much practice at figuring guys out. I don’t want to figure the out – I just want them to whip their cocks out.

As we waited for out drinks, he turned his attention to me.

“Fuck Danny, that was amazing back there! Thanks”, he smiled.

“Thanks? THANKS?” What the fuck is up with this guy?

Now I want to tell you this doesn’t turn into one of those, “So he saw the error of his ways, stopped being a cum slut and they lived happily ever after”. I am still just as committed to cum from as many guys as possible as I ever was, and that’s the whole point of this story, but this guy sure was . well, I don’t know what he was.

“You really got into it”.

I shrugged. “I’m a cum pig”, I said.

He smiled. “I got that impression. I’ve had my share of blow jobs and they were all pretty good. Some guys are better cocksuckers than others, but even a bad blow job is still pretty good. But with you, I could almost sense you were wishing the cum out of me. And the moans of pleasure as you sucked me! I felt that my cock and cum were the center of your universe. Fuck, I’m getting hard again thinking about it.”

The waiter picked that moment to arrive with our drinks.

Mike handed him a twenty and told him to keep the change. Not a bad tip on a 14 dollar tab.

“Cheers!” Mike said as he took a sip, and after I had licked his dry cum off my lips, I followed suit.

Putting down his glass he said, “I’ve had this fantasy for quite a while and I think you’re the guy who might help me make it come true. I hope so” He smiled again.

I didn’t say anything. Actually I don’t ever say much. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, “Can’t talk. Sucking.” But I was interested. What kind of fantasy could this guy have? I mean he was about as vanilla-looking a guy as I had ever seen. He was obviously very middle class and probably went to the right schools for the right profession and probably was doing very nicely financially. In other words, an almost text book 25 year old straight guy. Oh he was a fag alright, at least I thought he was, but he was probably one of those “Gee I can’t wait until they change the laws in this state so I can marry the man I love” kinda fags. Ya right. Me, I’m one of those, “Gee I can’t wait until they change the laws in this state so I can suck cock on Main Street” kinda fags.

Different strokes.

He took a gulp of his Guinness. I waited.

“I wanna put a guy in a sling and have guys cum on him until he is completely covered. It might take as long as a week. I figure I need about 3 thousand guys to cum on you until you are totally cum-covered. Are you interested?”

Treasure Island Media. TIMSuck, Blue Bailey

As I said at the beginning, as much as it’s possible for a pig like me to be able to, I began to fall in love with Mike.

Story via Nifty

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