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The cosmos is definitely buying back some Karma I didn’t know I had saved up; delectable ass is flying at me from all directions and I can’t seem to keep hot dudes off my dick this week. I got stuck working late working last night after a nice Valentine’s dinner/donuts/stroll with my partner, and woke up this morning too early, snuggled a bunch with him and fell back into a half-asleep state for an hour while he got ready for work, and was awakened around 11 by a friend texting me hello. I struggled to wake up and text him back, and idly signed on to Manhunt while waiting for his replies. A guy who has texted me intermittently for a long time now had just sent me a message there, asking, “Want a bj?” The dude yesterday was rather toothy with his head-giving, and his body hair was pretty abrasive, so my dick felt kind of sore. But this guy had nice pictures and a pretty drool-worthy tool of his own. He advertised himself as a top and I think I started it all off a good while back asking if he’d let me suck it sometime; occasionally I get into very cocksucky moods that pretty much never pan out. But ever since then he was all about sucking ME off. His face wasn’t that cute in the pictures to me– perfectly nice-looking but not my type, a little, I dunno, impish? Very Irish. But he lives maybe 10 blocks from me and there’s nothing more pleasant than being awakened by a guy with a pretty nice body who wants to make you ejaculate. I felt aroused. I tugged on my dick and felt the skin sting slightly, but not too bad. I figured I’d ask him to suck me nice and slow and squirt a nice load down his throat and meet my friend at the Museum, all within a couple of hours. He said he’d give me twenty minutes to shower, and I set things up with my friend. I got under the spray and soaped up my dick and just enjoyed the silky feeling of the soap and the warm water slipping all around my suddenly very popular unit. I caressed my balls and felt like a million bucks. I dried off and waited for the dude to come suck me off. About ten minutes late, the buzzer buzzed; it was time to feed my dick to another cocksucker. But I didn’t realize what a prize was being served up to me today!

Treasure Island Media, TIMSuck

Even on the crappy security camera that shows the doorman’s desk, and even in his bulky coat, I could tell that my cocksucker had a very, very nice shape to his body. Online he chose poses that either prominently featured his dick– promised to be 8″ by the profile and his screen name– or, incongruously, his rather sweet-lookin ass (top, huh?). But like many guys he showed off the ass by bending all the way over or standing in poses that poke it out in an unnatural, supposedly alluring way. I find these poses only distort the proportions of ass/leg assembly, and make it impossible to check out the proportions between shoulder and waist and ass and thigh, which is to me the key, the essence of male beauty– there is a certain string of proportions that just get my juice flowing. This is the rare dude who wasn’t showing himself off ideally in his photos. I saw that he had great shoulders, great arms, a great frame. And when he showed up at my apartment, and pulled the bulky coat off– patting me on the belly as he passed me in my briefs and a t-shirt– I saw the he was fuckin awesome. Underneath he had on a tight black thermal and tight dark denim jeans, all clinging to a tight, meaty body. Thick chest, narrow, tight waist, thick thighs, thick arms, and a badonk that made all the fuses in my brain blow at the same instant.

I had to hook my arm around this little waist, cinching together all that body meat like that, and pull his body into mine. He kissed me and slapped me on the chest, saying, “You’re a hot dude.” I am not even remotely hot, but I was glad he thought so. “Let’s go to the back,” I said, and trotted back there. He stayed behind for a second, pulling off his boots, and then met me in the bedroom. Back there we manhandled each other a bit; I kept circling his waist with my hands and pulling his body into mine; I felt his dick hardening in his pants against mine. His head was bald and he had a rough goatee. He was a lot handsomer than the pictures; I can tell he’s not very photogenic, much as I am not. My blood was pumping and I just wanted to get my dick in his mouth.

He happily got to his knees and sucked me slow, as I had told him to— but a little too slow. And here I have to say, the correlation between beautiful bodies and cocksucking know-how remains mostly negative. I suppose I had asked for it, by telling him my dick had been toothed a bit too much the day before (“You got a lot of guys sucking you off, don’t you,” he’d marveled, clearly turned on by the idea; I just thought, you have no idea). But he gave the most gentle, barely-there head I’ve felt in a long time. He had pulled his thermal and long underwear off and was squatting on the floor, flexing all those tight, thick muscles as he suckled on my meat. The sight was incredibly exciting, but my dick was not responding, and I felt that mild panic start to rise.

“I’m getting a slow start here today man,” I said finally, pulling him up to me by his armpits and sucking his face a bit more. I kept cupping the ass with my hands, and thinking, why the fuck is this guy a top? I pulled my face back and looked him in the eye and tried to look, I dunno, enticing. “Is there any chance you like having your ass eaten out?” I asked him. He smiled at me and said, “Oh yeah.” I pointed to the bed and gave him a little push. “That is sure-fire.” And he bent over the bed.

Angels sang. The heavens parted, the sky ripped, galaxies and stars fell into the room around us. I am absolutely helpless around an ass like this. His body, from behind, was simply flawless. The curves were are the curves that make a man’s body male. The ass was round, perfectly cleft, dusted with light hair, with big balls and a beautiful fat dick hanging below. (He was, of course, far from eight inches long, incidentally. Eight inches is a very big dick.) His dick was probably getting close to 7– still a big dick– but had a gorgeous heft to it. I held it in one hand– its hole was already slick with prostatic fluid– and just stroked my own dick while I fucking feasted on him. I was hard in three seconds.

And he clearly loved it; the more I rimmed, the harder that sweet beautiful bone in my hand became, the gooier the hole became. I stood up and slapped my erection against his crack and he moaned. I climbed up on the bed and stuck my dick in his mouth, and he turned to the side, showing me just how taut his waist was, how beautiful dusted with hair his whole body was, and fat his dick and balls were. I fingered his hole a bit while he sucked me– still too lightly for my taste, and aided with a lot of stroking with his hand. I slid down beside him and we 69ed– I just kept taking that whole handsome tubesteak of his down my throat, clamping my lips around the rough hairy base of his dick, while I felt him swirling his tongue around my own dickhead. Part of me wished we could just cum into each other right then. Just flood each other with our cum, simultaneously, gulp each other down, pulsing together. But we kept sucking and touching each other’s body.

Treasure Island Media, TIMSuck

I pulled my face out of his wonderland of a groin and kissed him. And grabbing him by the calves, I pulled him across the bed, hooked his legs on either side of me, and pushed my body into his. His shape and smell and taste and color drove me out of my mind. I wanted to fuck him so bad. My dick kept tapping against his hole. And he read my body language. “Some day,” he said, and my balls sucked up into my torso. “Maybe next time.” I could tell by how he was breathing… he wanted me inside him. I pulled his head to mine with one hand and gripped a buttock with the other, rammed my body into his, slowly worked my finger tip into his hole. His kissing became frenzied when he felt me inside him and felt my dick straining against him. He was tight… but he would let me in one day, I could tell. Maybe even raw. Just the promise made me insane with desire for him.

An hour passed and we built up a sweat together, pushing into each other with all our strength. He wrapped his arms and legs around my body and pulled me into him. The mutual attraction was undeniable. “Do you still want to feed me?” he asked, as I reared up to hold our fat dicks together and admire them. I looked him in the eye, squeezing our dicks together. “I do. But look at this. Look at these dicks. Look at all this fuckin meat we have.” He nodded at me, rapt. I bucked my hips slowly and fucked his dick with mine in my hand, never taking my eyes off his, and his whole body melted into the bed. “You have to fuck me next time,” he finally said, flat out. I nodded. “And eat my ass again.” “Oh fuck man, any time… Oh fuck… turn over now.” And he did, and his body burnt into my retinas. So beautiful, so perfectly shaped, so fucking inviting. I wanted to just ass-rape the fuck out of him right then and there. I gripped my dick and held it against the hole and mock-fucked him a little, and he moaned and moaned, but I didn’t push in. I looked at the clock. We had another five minutes together tops. I ate his ass out a little more, feeling those hard globes brushing against my face as I tongued the sweet tidy little hole, and just dreamed of riding him hard, with long strokes of my bone going in and out of him, holding his body in my arms and fucking the hell out of it. Oh fuck I wanted him.

Feeling myself close to cumming, I finally said, in a clear stentorian tone: “It is time for you to suck the cum out of me now, man.” And he got up on his hands and knees, and I slid my body up under his. He didn’t go right for my dick; he climbed up my body, put his dick on my thigh, and looked in my face with an open expression of pure delight, and kissed me slowly. “You are such a hot fucking man,” he said. And then he slid down and sucked my dick, as best he could, stroking it with his hand. This would not make me cum, unfortunately. So I pulled his face back up to mine, and pulled his waist down with my hands– that ass, those back muscles, that goddamn fucking BODY– and we lay close together, making out, faces pressed close, and I stroked my dick until I was almost there. And then I put it back in his mouth, and he sucked me, and I held his hard, flexing shoulders, and draped my legs over his haunches, and just watched him worshipping my dick, and this sight brought me to the edge, and over.

I came hard into his mouth, and he kept sucking and stroking, I came and I came, and he didn’t waste a drop, he swallowed greedily. I pulled out my dick and fisted hard and instantly began coming again. “Whoa,” he said, and greedily took my dick away from me, but I kind of fought for it back. I had to fist it hard to right through this second cumming. He licked the fluids that seeped out of me. ANd took me deep into his mouth, and just held me there, savoring my flavor. His own dick was oozing freely.

“Do you want to get off?” I asked, and he took me out of his mouth, and smiled at me. “No, I just want to taste you a little more.” And he dropped his head back into my lap. I stroked his beautiful, stupefying, hairy body. “That was a lot of cum,” he said. “It tastes so good.” We made out more with the taste of my pleasure on his lips, acrid and metallic and salty. I stroked him and squeezed his beautiful muscles for the zillionth time.

Treasure Island Media, TIMSuck

After this there really wasn’t much time. I told him I had to be in midtown in like fifteen minutes; an impossibility at this point. We quickly got dressed; the first thing he did was pull up his tight white long-johns, which strained to fit over his beautiful full ass and which his thick meat, still almost hard, stretched out in front obscenely. I rushed to his side, turned him around, and slid my hand over his round backside, over his thick meat, slid up and down the strong thighs. He laughed at how much I still wanted him. We agreed we’d have to do this again.

We chatted amiably about not much while we quickly pulled our clothes on. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. Every time he put on a new article of clothing, I had to admire his body in it. He just laughed and let me. And then he was gone.

I can’t stop thinking about that ass. That heat. That closeness, that connection. I feel so lucky, smiled on. I hope I never forget how this kind of beauty makes me feel.

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