32, straight but “sexually adventurous”. He lives in one of the small coastal towns south of San Francisco. He is an artisan who specializes in stone-work. He seemed to be more at ease nude than with clothes on. He naturally sprawled and relaxed.

Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, Morten_1

Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, Morten_2

He was born in Norway although he added (almost sheepishly) that he had a “good amount of Swedish blood” as well. His father and grandfather were fishermen.

He rides motorcycles and had an enormous amount of sheer kinetic energy. He made lots of jokes—I had just asked Brett to use the light to “accentuate” Morten’s veins. In a perfect imitation of me he said “Yes, accentuate my…veins!”

Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, Morten_4

I’d been reading about the myth of Actaeon and decided to play a bit. I told Morten to pretend he was seeing something he couldn’t tear his eyes away from, something that would kill him. He played along and this is the (odd) result.

Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, Morten_3 Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, Morten_5


-Paul Morris

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