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For those that have seen my twitter postings on here, I have been keeping you guys posted with my hot breedings.

You may have noticed a bunch of my postings saying “I got 8 loads from my hot fuck buddy with a hot thick 8″ black cock!”

Treasure Island Media, Sperm Assault

Well, now that I finally have finished my final exams, I figured that I would talk about Jason.

I met Jason on months ago, and after just a bit of back and forth, I found out that he was only about 20 minutes. It didn’t take me long to get my hungry hole over to his place. Now, recently I have gotten more into using just spit for lube. It makes my hole much more sensitive when I am getting a good fucking. All of the hot talk with Jason had really gotten me horny when I talked to him, so rather than waste time with sucking his thick 8″ black cock (which was rock hard already when I arrived) I got under his blankets and got on my side, backing my ass towards his thick cock. I pulled my cheeks apart, and aimed his pulsing hard cock at my eager hole by placing his fat cockhead at the opening of my hole.


As I released my hold on his cock, he took my cue and began pushing his thick cock head into my tight hole. I moaned as I felt his super thick 8″ cock stretch my tight hole slowly. He kept on pushing in ’til he was balls deep in my hole. He left his thick pulsing cock in my hole for about a minute, letting my hole adjust to his thickness. Then, he began to pound my hole faster, deeper and harder. Jason and I flipped from position to position: doggy style, missionary, me on top, etc.

Jason was a rough fucker, dominant to the core, flinging my body around on the bed, always keeping his stiff thick cock deep in me the whole time. As soon as my hole started to loosen up, i felt his cock throb hard and I knew that he was shooting his load deep inside me. But unlike most other guys, Jason’s cock did not get any softer. If my hole had not felt his cock throb and shoot its load in me, I would have never thought that he had come in my ass since he just kept fucking as if nothing had happened!

Treasure Island Media, Sperm Assault

For another 3 hours, I took his cock in every position I could think of, taking 8 loads altogether that night. The only reason we stopped was that I had to get ready to head to school. I cannot even begin to describe how hot it was to sit through 6 hours of classes, leaking 8 hot loads of cum from my loose and sloppy hole. Mmmmm…. I can never get enough of that hot black cum.

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