JUST RELEASED: Knocked Out Jerked Off 1-5

28 guys down on their luck- an offer they can’t refuse. Totally straight, never touched by a man. But because they are out cold I can explore their sexy sleeping bodies. – Jack Miller


Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media present the first installment in Jack Miller’s KNOCKED OUT, JERKED OFF (KOJO) video project, in which Miller tapes himself fondling the naked bodies of unconscious straight guys.
Whenever Miller meets down-and-out young men, he makes an offer. Those who accept–and you might be surprised how often they say yes!–know exactly what’s going to happen to them. Miller explores their fine, masculine bodies and works their cocks, previously untouched by any man, into throbbin’ boners. And as often as not, he’s able to squeeze a big load.

Guy 1: Seth, 27 y.o.


Guy 2: Bill, 21 y.o.


Guy 3: Brant, 30 y.o.


Guy 4: Corey, 20 y.o.


Guy 5: Lyle, 23 y.o.


In KNOCKED OUT, JERKED OFF 2 (KOJO 2) videographer Jack Miller continues his hands-on exploration of naked male bodies, videotaping more sessions with straight young men who’ve taken basic “knock-out” pills and given Miller permission to do what he will with them while they sleep. The camerawork is crude–it’s just Miller and the unconscious dudes; Miller holds the camera one-handed while he strips the guys and runs his other hand all over them–but the results, when he gets the cumshot and even when he doesn’t, are fuckin’ hot.

Guy 6: Ed, 24 y.o.


Guy 7: Phil, 23 y.o.


Guy 8: Charlie, 32 y.o.


Guy 9: J.Z., 32 y.o.


Guy 10: Justin, 25 y.o.


KNOCKED OUT, JERKED OFF 3 (KOJO 3), features more straight men willingly allowing Miller to stroke their nude bodies while they take a “hard nap” (courtesy of some knock-out pills). These young men have never had their cocks touched by another man and it’s only because they’re unconscious that Miller can run his hands all over their sexy, sleeping bodies. Oblivion notwithstanding, these guys respond with rock-hard erections and geysers of cum.

Guy 11: Anthony Perez, 24 y.o.

Guy 12: Matt, 31 y.o.



Guy 13: Cesar Castillo, 20 y.o.



Guy 14: Mike, 26 y.o.



Guy 15: Branden

“This installment of my video project is a little different. The guys in KNOCKED OUT, JERKED OFF 4 (KOJO 4) are still straight and previously untouched-by-man, and they’re still unconscious as a hand roams over their bodies and strokes their rock-solid dicks. But this time around I decided to let a friend of mine, who’s been begging to get in on the action, lend a “helping hand” in some of the scenes. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.” – JACK MILLER

Guy 16: Bryan, 27 y.o.



Guy 17: Christian, 18 y.o.



Guy 18: Diego, 23 y.o.



Guy 19: Johnny, 22 y.o.



Guy 20: Max, 23 y.o.



Guy 21: Troy 24 y.o.



Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media present KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 5, the final volume in Jack Miller’s 3-disc video project. Once again, Miller tapes himself going where no man has gone before–fondling the cocks and naked bodies of straight men who have never felt the hand of another man. Down on their luck or just seeking new thrills, the seven guys in KOJO 5 agree to take “knock out” pills and let Miller (and sometimes his buddy) have free rein with their fine bodies and fat, throbbin’ boners while they sleep.

Guy 22: Gordon, 30 y.o.



Guy 23: Sam, 22 y.o.




Guy 24: Chris, 33 y.o.



Guy 25: Sven, 39 y.o.



Guy 26: Glenn, 26 y.o.



Guy 27: Andrew, 36 y.o.



Guy 28: Alex, 34 y.o.


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