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A few days after my loadswap with Bryan at the gym, Angel picks me up in his Jeep to go buy some gear. On the way to the leather store, I tell him all about my seeding adventure with Bryan in the gym storeroom, “I loved watching him cum while trying not to scream out,” I say. “I’m going to be replaying that moment in my mind for years. It was like a performance.”

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“As it should be,” says Angel.

Angel pulls up in front of the leather store, the appropriately named Skin2Skin and parks. “I’m proud of you, Randy,” he says. “For breeding that stud in the store room at the gym, man, and taking his load, too. And thanks for letting me know that room is there. I might have to make use of it myself sometime.”

“I want more,” I say.

Angel turns to me and smiles. “A cum junkie is born,” he says, laughing.

“Have you done this with other guys?” I wonder.

“Done what?” he asks.

“Taken them under your wing like this.”

“Not like you,” he insists. “I’ve never propositioned a client at the computer store before, like I did to you. I try to keep it professional at work, believe it or not. But there was something about you. I thought you were hot, yeah, but it was more than that. I felt like it was my duty to corrupt you, that that was something that needed to happen.”

Hearing all this makes me feel amazing. I give his beefy thigh a squeeze and start to move it up to his crotch. “Well, I’m glad you did.”

“Now, let’s go, horny boy,” he says, pulling my hand away. “Ron’s expecting us.”

“Does he know I watched you guys on cam?” I say, getting out of the jeep.

“He knows all about you,” says Angel, leading me into the store. “He’s been looking forward to this.”

I thought Ron was hot on the webcam. In person, he’s an absolute fucking knockout; blondish-brown shaggy hair, a little scruff, golden California tan, and a few well-placed tattoos. He’s dressed in leather pants with red stripes down the side and a crotch pouch that unsnaps and a zipper up the crack for easy access. The pants hug his muscled legs and ass perfectly. On top, he wears a zip-up leather vest that’s half unzipped, revealing a pair of hairy, juicy pumped up pecs and nipples that obviously like to be played with. Both bulging biceps sport black leather bands.

“Hey Angel,” he says, his voice deep and rich with just a hint of a California Valley Boy. “Is this the man of the hour?”

“I’m Randy,” I say offering my hand. Ron gives it a good, firm shake.

“You got a little while?” he asks.

“I do,” I say.

“Good,” says Ron. “It takes a little time to find the perfect fit. You don’t want to rush it.”

For the next hour or so, I try on all kind of gear; from leather pants, chaps and harnesses to Lycra wrestling singlets to assless rubber briefs. Each time I step out of the fitting room, Angel and Ron give me the thumbs up or thumbs down. If a look gets a thumbs up, they usually grope their crotches, too. I can see Angel’s delicious dick nearly poking off of the top his Puma gym shorts. Ron’s fucktool is snaking down the left leg of his leather pants and every time I come out, it’s at little bit further down.

I narrow down the items I want to buy one pair of leather pants with laces up the side, one pair of rubber chaps, a maroon and white N2N wrestling singlet, a Nasty Pig jockstrap, and a leather harness that really frames my pecs. I know I shouldn’t be spending this kind of money but it’s all so sexy, and Angel and Ron gave me such positive sexy feedback, that I can’t resist.

“So what’s the damage?” I say, pulling out my credit card.

“That depends,” says Ron, running his hand over the leather pants that top my stack of gear.

“Oh, this is going to be good,” says Angel with a smirk.

“Retail, you’re looking at $680,” says Ron. I let out a heavy sigh. “But I’ll take 10 percent off for every minute you can go without shooting your load once you’re in my ass.”

“What?” I say.

“You heard me,” says Ron.

I had a feeling things might be headed this way. Breeding seems to just happen when Angel’s around. My cock gets instantly hard in my shorts.

“And I’m here to keep both you fuckers honest,” says Angel gesturing to his digital wristwatch.

“In that case,” I say, trying to rise to the occasion and call their bluff, “I’d like to add a couple of items.” I walk to the T-shirt rack and pick out the muscle T that says “LOADING ZONE” and grab a leather cock ring from the display by the register and toss it on top of my stack.

“Get leathered up, stud,” says Ron, walking to the front door and putting the closed sign in the window. “Let’s drain those nuts and break in some of that gear.”

Angel pulls the chaps and harness from my stack of purchases and shoves them at my chest. “You heard the man,” he says. “He wants you to fuck your cum into him.”

Once I’m all geared up, Ron beckons us through one door into a cramped, cluttered office then opens yet another door behind the desk. “Step in to my fuckden,” he says with an evil smirk.

Angel and I follow him inside. The room is about 15 feet by 15 feet. Three of the walls are covered with an erotic mural of men of different body types and races, some geared up, some naked, all hot as fuck and all engaged in the act of giving or receiving semen.

“You finished it,” says Angel admiringly.

“Not quite,” says Ron. “One more wall left.”

“That’s you,” I say, pointing a hot stud in the middle of the tangle of men.

“So it is,” says Angel who clearly hasn’t seen it before. “Do I really make that face when I unload?”

“Oh yeah,” says Ron. “It’s awesome. And the veins in your neck pop out just like that.”

I was so distracted by the mural that I didn’t see Ron get down on his knees. Before you know it my cock is down his throat. He pulls off it after a few strokes and looks up at me. “I was going to suck you hard but you’re already hard as fuck,” says Ron. “So fuck it,” he says, unzipping the zipper that goes up his crack and exposing his hot hole, “get it ready for my ass and let’s seal this transaction with a little DNA.”

Ron climbs up onto the leather-covered bed and pulls his legs up by his shoulders, exposing his perfect hairy hole to me. “You’re not going to last 30 seconds,” taunts Angel.

“I know, I’m probably not,” I laugh, squirting some Spunk lube on my cock.

I climb up on the bed and place my throbbing cockhead at Ron’s hole.

“Just a second, Randy,” says Angel, setting the stopwatch on his wristwatch.

“I’m so horned up, I don’t even remember what the rules are,” I stammer.

“10 percent off per minute you don’t blow,” says Ron.

“Starting…NOW!” says Angel pushing my ass forward and slamming me into Ron’s sweet hole.

“Unnnnnnngh!” groans Ron, taken aback by the sudden invasion. “Oh God. Fuck, you feel good.”

“So do you,” I say, already feeling a tingle in my balls. “This is going to be harder than I thought.”

“Wait till he starts talking dirty,” says Angel. “Thirty seconds.”

“I’m really good at it.”

I manage to give Ron a few long, solid ass-strokes without feeling too much stirring in my gonads. But then Ron looks starts talking. “I know how full your balls are, Randy. Every time you disappeared in that dressing room, I stole a look through the curtain and watched them bouncing around, knowing that what was inside them was going to be inside me.”

“Oh fuck,” I groan. “You’re so fucking hot.”

“I can’t wait to feel you shoot in me,” he says, punctuating his words with contractions in his ass muscles. Oh shit, the tingling in my balls intensifies with each contraction.

“I think you can wait,” I say, shifting my hips from side to side so I can go at that hot hole from differing angles. “The longer I go, the more money you lose…but the more pleasure you get. You want me to last, too, because you’re loving this cock inside you.”

“One minute,” says Angel.

“Ten…fucking…percent…off!” I say, punctuating each word with a balls-deep thrust, the last of which nearly costs me the whole ball game.

“Cum fucker,” says Ron.

I freeze right where I am. “Not quite there yet,” I say.

“You can stop moving,” says Ron, “but you can’t pull out for more than a split second. That’s the rule.”

Holding still seems to curtail my cumming…at least until Ron starts working his ass muscles again. “You can hold perfectly still, Randy. I’m still going to get your load,” growls Ron. “You know it and I know it. And wouldn’t you rather breed me while you were actually fucking than just holding still like a scared pussy?”

Treasure Island Media, Damaged Goods

I roll over on my back, keeping Ron impaled on my cock and let him ride me for a while. I normally tend not to come as easily in this position, but I feel like with a fuckstud like Ron working on my cock, no position is safe. I look up at him as he rides me and see that gorgeous Marlboro Man face, his sexy scruff flecked with hints of blonde and gray, his suckable nipples poking out of his leather vest. Jesus, he’s a fucking fantasy come to life. “You’re the kind of man I would see in a magazine and jack off over,” I gush. “And we all know I’m going to breed you. It’s just a matter of when.”

“One minute, thirty seconds,” says Angel.

Ron starts really bouncing up and down on my cock, working his ass muscles to try and milk out my load. I close my eyes and try think of things that aren’t sexy at all; nuns, car crashes, tax audits, Republicans, but it’s no use. He just feels too good. “Look at me, fucker,” says Ron. “Open your eyes and look at how good you’re making me feel.”

When I open my eyes, I see Ron is holding his hard dick in one hand and the other is pulling a strand of precum from the head of it with his index finger. He shoves the finger in my mouth. “Slurp me down, Randy,” he commands. I do. It makes a loud slurpy sound as it hits my taste buds. “Fuck, sweet,” I say.

“Two minutes,” says Angel.

I throw Ron over on his side and spoon him while my cock pistons in and out of his perfect fuckhole. My balls are still churning but I’m able to edge myself pretty well. I’ll make it to 3 minutes, at least, I’m sure of it. At least I am until Ron starts talking again.

“I’m going to keep your seed in me the rest of my shift,” he says. “And if any of my customers make a face, like they smell something, I’ll say, ‘That’s Randy’s cum. He blew a ton of it up my ass during lunchtime and it’s slowly oozing out.’ Then I’m going to take my finger to my hole and pull a big glob of it up to my mouth and eat it, right in front of them.”

“Okay, two can play at this talking game,” I say to him, then start rattling off the Pledge of Allegiance, nursery rhymes, anything I can think of that doesn’t make me want to unload my fuckjuice right up this stud’s hole.

“I think we need to shut Randy up,” says Angel, before crawling upon the bed and shoving his hard, dripping cock into my sputtering mouth. I want to spit it out and carry on talking but it just tastes too fucking good. Angel’s cock fits so well down my throat. I’m powerless over Angel’s cock.

“Three minutes,” says Angel.

“All right, I can live with that,” I say, pulling off Angel’s oozing dick. “I can’t wait anymore. I gotta breed this stud’s cumhole.”

“Fuck yeah,” groans Ron. “Do it!”

Angel hops off the bed, and pulls Ron’s legs up on his shoulders, placing his perfect pucker right at the head of my drooling dick.

“Get ready for the cumflood, fucker,” I say between gritted teeth and slide my dick balls deep again. This new position feels better than any of the previous ones. I’m going to have to settle for 30% off because the only way I’d be able to last another minute is if a semi-truck drove through the room and knocked us apart from each other.

“Come on, Randy,” growls Ron. “Fill me up with your stud sperm. I’ve been craving it all day. Thinking about how good it would feel when your cockhead starting expanding in me and those ropes up cum exploded all the way up my guts.”

“Oh God, Ron,” I say, my hips taking on a life of their own as I pound and pound Ron’s perfect ass into the fuck bed, hearing the sexy squeak of the leather with every downstroke.

“Breed me, breed me, breed me,” chants Ron, throwing his head from side to side.

As I feel the cum start to evacuate my balls and race up my pistoning shaft, the images of all the studs on my mural blasting their loads flash through my mind like a rapid fire slide show. “I’m cumming, Ron. I’m cumming in your ass. Take…my….breed! Unnnnnngghhh. Unnnngh. Unnngh. Unnnnggh.”

I let out a deep groan with every spurt of jizz that shoots into Ron’s guts. It seems to go on forever.

“That was incredible,” I say, collapsing on top of him.

“You were incredible,” says Ron.

I pull out of Ron, watching a glob of my hot cum ooze out around my cockhead.

“Thank you,” I say to Ron, then look to Angel.

I climb down off the bed, assuming that the party’s over and it’s time for Skin2Skin to reopen it’s doors. “Randy, you’re really forgetting your manners,” says Angel.

“What?” I say, clueless.

“There are two sets of balls in this room that haven’t unloaded,” he explains, “but I guess you’re just about you now.” Angel laughs but I do feel a bit embarrassed. “Oh, I assumed you had to open the store back up so we were done,” I stammer.

“We can take a little more time,” says Ron. “Especially since you barely lasted three minutes.”

“Get on your back and spread that hole, fucker,” Angel says to me.

“Hold on a second,” says Ron, running out of the room. He returns a few minutes later holding a skimpy pair of royal blue vintage Adidas running shorts.

“Do me a favor. Lose the chaps and put these on,” he says, tossing me the shorts. “They belonged to the first guy I was ever with, the guy who got me hooked on breeding. He was a jock in school and lifeguard at the pool in my hometown when I was teenager. Brandon. He was seventeen and I was fifteen. He used to walk around in these all summer and he looked so fucking hot.”

I strip out of the chaps and start to slip into the shorts. “They’re are all cummed up,” I say, stroking the crusty fabric.

“At the end of the summer, before he went away to college, he jacked off in them and gave them to me,” says Ron. “And you’re going to add to it while I’m fucking you,” says Ron.

“Hot,” I say. “How many loads would you say have been shot in these?” I ask as I feel my cock harden against the crusty nylon.

“I just found them a couple of weeks ago when I went home for a visit,” so not that many yet. “Maybe twelve, not quite one a day, plus Brandon’s original load. My goal is for there to be hundreds.”

I climb up on the bed and Ron grabs my legs and slides me down to the end of the bed so he can pound me standing up. Ron pulls the leg of the flimsy high-cut shorts to the side so can get at my hole then slides his 8-incher up and down my crack. Angel squirts lube onto Ron’s cock, then onto my ass and then next thing you know, Ron’s inside me.

“Fuck, that feels incredible,” I say.

“Good,” says Ron before sliding his dick completely out of my ass and then all the way back in. “Got a big load for you, too. I was in the middle of rubbing one out last night, maybe 20 seconds from cumming, when Angel called and said you were coming in today. So I thought, ‘I’m gonna save my juice for the newbie,’ and I stuck my cock back in my shorts and went to sleep.”

“Fuck, yeah,” I say, stroking my cock in the shorts.

“You gonna be able to cum again, Randy?” asks Angel. “He wants your load in those shorts.”

“I’m already leaking,” I say, between groans.

I see Angel disappear from my sightline. Soon enough, I feel his tongue on my ass right below where Ron’s dick is sliding in and out.

“I wanna taste the tip,” says Angel.

Ron pulls his dick from my ass and without missing a stroke, slides it down Angel’s throat. “Uuummmmm,” says Angel. Then it goes back in my ass, then back in Angel’s throat, ass, throat, ass throat, without missing a beat for at least a minute. Finally, Ron’s dick goes deep and stays deep and I hear Angel slurping at Ron’s ass, the ass I just flooded with my spunk a few minutes ago.

“You tasting my spunk, Angel?” I ask.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” he says, between slurps.

“I gonna soup you up soon,” says Ron. “But I want you to soak those shorts before I cum or at the same time. You close?”

“Getting there,” I say, jerking my cock against the sexy nylon.

Angel moves on from his ass-to-mouth duty and climbs up on top of me, placing his hole right on my face. God, I love his hole. It’s just fucking perfect. I start darting my tongue in and out of his pucker while Ron starts picking up the pace.

“Come on, fucker. You’re gonna take my breed,” he says, “and you’re going to spunk up those shorts for me. I know you got more cum in you. I know it.”

“I wasn’t sure at first if I could,” I admit, pulling off Angel’s hole for a beat, “but now I know that I’m going to. You’re going to fuck it out of me.”

“Get used to that idea, Randy,” says Angel, stroking his cock. “There have been times at Shudder where I was sure I was all cummed out and I ended up shooting like three more loads. You’re going to surprise yourself.”

“Cum for me, fucker,” says Ron. “Just imagine the load I’m about to shoot into you is shooting right up your dick and out into those shorts.”

“Oh God,” I say, feeling my sacs start to churn with the second cum, which is always more intense than the first. “It’s happening. Fuck me, Ron. Give me your fucking cum, stud.”

Just then I feel Angel stick is hard dick next to mine in the shorts and start stroking them together. “Oh fuck,” he says, “looks like I’m going to be first. Oh fuck, I’m fucking shooting my spunk. Unnngh. Unnngh.”

I feel Angel’s manload splatter all over my dick and hand inside the shorts. It’s hot and thick and chunky and it sends me over right the edge with him. “I’m fucking shooting, too!” I shout, this second orgasm even more intense that when I bred Ron. “Oh fuck…breed me, Ron…breed it out of me….fuckkkkkkkk!”

“Here it comes, sexy,” says Ron, pulling his dick nearly all the way out, so I can feel the first spurt on my asslips, then sliding balls deep to unload the rest of his heavy fuckwad. “Feel that? It’s all going inside you. Every…last…fucking…. drop! Unghhhh. Unghhhh. Unghhhh!”

Angel falls back on top of me, pressing my face against his heaving back muscles. A few minutes later, the three of us come back to earth. I feel Ron’s prick snake out of my ass. He pokes it into the shorts and adds the last dribbles of his spunk to mine and Angel’s.

“Fuck, man,” says Ron, patting my cheeks. “That ass.”

“Did I tell you?” laughs Angel.

Treasure Island Media, Damaged Goods

Holy shit, they’ve been talking about my ass behind my back. “Thanks, man,” I say, coolly. Damn, I always dreamed of being this kind of fuckstud, who has incredible cum drenched sex with superstuds all the fucking time, but I always thought it was just a fantasy. Now, thanks to Angel and my own fucking courage, I’m living it.

As we untangle and start to get dress, I see Angel checking out a video on his iPhone.

“Did you film some of that?” I ask.

“Just the minute or so when you were breeding Ron,” he says. “We wanted to capture what you look like when you’re flooding a hot ass.”

“For the mural,” explains Ron.

I just smile.

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