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Here at Treasure Island Media we love  bringing you the hottest pigs around. Dolf Dietrich recently starred in STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT by Max Sohl alongside ebony topman Hot Rod.  We caught up with the 6’5″ scruffy stud to find out how he became a porn star, and what brings out his inner pig, and how he maintains his amazing body.

Dolf Dietrich on Treasure Island Media

TIM: Start off by telling us a little about yourself!

Dolf: Hi TIM Fans! The first thing people usually say to me when the meet me in person, is ‘Wow, your’e really tall!” I am 6 foot 5, which I guess doesn’t always translate on film or photos, but the reaction is pretty much always positive.. .secondly, people assume I am from Germany (I’m of German descent, but I was born in New Hampshire and raised outside of Boston). The third thing I get is that people seem to think I am very intense, or mean… I guess it’s a persona I have created, but I am actually a sweet, friendly guy, who can go from charming to piggy in just a few seconds.

TIM: How long have you been doing porn? 

Dolf: I’ve been filming features for about a year now, before that, I was a webcam model for a few studios and really built my following through solo work winning The Raven’s Eden Fan Awards for ‘Best Male Webcam/ Live Performer’ in 2013 and 14. Since I worked alone on camera, it was really an opportunity to become creative with clients sexual fantasies, use big toys, experiment with role play, etc.

TIM: What do you find yourself mostly attracted to in a man? 

Dolf: The biggest turn-on in a man for me is confidence, the biggest turn-off is arrogance. I have met men who physically don’t really fit my ‘type’ exactly (ok, yes, tattoos, muscles, big cocks and beards are my go-to for instant physical attraction), but after getting to know a guy I can want to fuck his brains out if I am attracted to his personality.

TIM: Which actors do you enjoy working with the most?

Dolf: This one is easy. Exclusive Drew Sebastien and I shot last week for you guys on my birthday. He showed up at the hotel and I was pretty awe-struck; we had an instant physical attraction. We exchanged numbers after the shoot and went on a few dates while I was in SF and honestly, I can’t get enough of this guy. Besides mind-bending hot sex which you guys will see in our first scene together for TIM, which we continued to have over the next three days I was there off-camera, he is an incredibly romantic and sweet guy. We spent my last night in SF in my hotel room eating take-out and watching the LEGO Movie (and fucking of course). I cannot wait to see him again! 4iXtPITE TIM: What has your favorite TIM movie been? 

Dolf: I have an incredibly hot scene with Hot Rod in STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT by Max Sohl which just came out on June 6th. I was in a fucking trance taking Hot Rod’s 11 inch cock ion the basement on the Rock Bar in NYC. I just watched the scene back yesterday, and I shot a big load watching him fuck me all over again!

TIM: Tell us a pre movie shooting habit you’ve developed to help you with the scenes.  

Dolf: I always get a great night sleep before a shoot and always hit the gym hard right before. I generally don’t eat the day before a shoot or the day of as TIM is always setting me up with guys with monster cocks (thank you TIM!) so my traditional is to get room service in my hotel room after a shoot, usually a couple of cheeseburgers to celebrate.

TIM: How often do you have sex out side of work?  Favorite spots to hang out at ? 

Dolf: I don’t have sex as often as fans would probably like to imagine I do.. I am more a relationship oriented guy, with an incredibly piggy side that I like to save for camera. Favorite spot to hang out at is the gym.. it serves as a way for me to blow off steam and get my mind off whatever might be bugging me that day.

TIM: What gets you to cum the fastest?  Are there any models that you want to work with which you haven’t already?

Dolf: Great chemistry gets me to cum the fastest. You don’t always get that with a model you are paired with, but I can usually find something within the first five minutes of shooting about a man that turns me on.. and if I can’t, well, a rock hard cock pounding my prostate usually gets me leaking and shooting pretty quickly. I have had Derek Parker and Morgan Black on my list of men to shoot with for a while.. I have topped TIM exclusive Christian a few times off camera and it is so fucking hot, we always say we really need to do it when a TIM crew is in the room.

TIM: What do you like to do outside of Sex?  Favorite Hobbies? Favorite Movies?  

Dolf: I own my own business in marketing, branding and graphic design, so I am always working on client solutions when I am not pigging out on camera.. I collect anything mid-century, and love watching old movies. My favorite movie is Amelie, I’m a total Francophile, I have been to Paris about 15 times.

TIM: Your body is amazing, give us a few work out tips that help you get to your goals.

Dolf: Thank you! My dedication to the gym and my body started about 8 years ago. I hire a trainer about once a week, take a few spin classes and lift heavy about 5-6 days a week as well. I concentrate on a healthy diet, but I don’t obsess over it, limiting sugar and alcohol is the best way to get cut. In order to get bigger you need to switch up your routine; if you can’t afford a trainer or just don’t want to deal with that, watch what the bigger guys in the gym are doing and try to emulate them.

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