Paul’s Scathing Commentary to a BAR Reporter about AB 1576

Treasure Island Media AB1576

John Karr  of the Bay Area Reporter recently emailed Paul Morris asking “What is the impact of AB 1576 on TIM?”

Paul’s Response:

The cowardice of companies like BAR in refusing to acknowledge the realities of sex among men

has saddened me for a long while. As a writer for BAR you’ve been complicit in this truly shameful

and damaging censorship. You’ve behaved like the proverbial ostrich which, burying it’s head in

the sand, believes it’s doing the safe thing.

The primary impact of AB 1576 on TIM is that it got John Karr to write to TIM asking for information.

The fact that you are a putative “reporter” on porn and have cheerfully publicly shunned my work for

over a decade means to me that you are no reporter and you have only the most superficial interest

in the complex realities of porn in the queer world.

If the government passed a bill that outlawed the honest and complete representation of queerness,

of your core identity, what would you do? That’s my answer to your questions.

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