Anal Porn ‘Most Popular in Russia’

Anal Porn in Russia

Originally posted by Tom Porter on the International Business Times

Internet porn viewers in Russia are more likely to search for anal sex videos than those in any other country, according to website Pornhub.

According to user data collected by the site, a proportionally greater number of Russians search for anal sex videos than those in western countries, including Canada, the US and the UK.

It also found that viewers searching for gay material were less likely to search for anal videos than heterosexual users, with 6 per cent of the searches for gay anal sex videos, and 7.24 per cent for straight.

“Proportionately speaking, Pornhub gets more requests for anal sex from Russia than any other country,” the site’s Insights team said in a press release.

The Vladimir Putin sex toy.(‘PoliticalSculptor’)

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay legislation, which forbids ‘homosexual propaganda’, has been subjected to widespread criticism since coming into force last year.

In response, graphic designer Fernando Sosa has designed a Vladimir Putin butt plug, designed to look like the famously macho leader, famed for his shirtless publicity stunts.

“As many of you guys know Russia is bringing an all out war against the civil rights of Gay people in Russia. Leading the charge is Mr. Putin and his homophobic leadership,” Mr Sosa told the Mirror.

“I wanted to ridicule Mr Putin so I wanted to make a voodoo-like doll of him so people could do whatever they wanted to him in the privacy of their own home.

“What better way to attack Mr Putin’s shirtless bear wrestling reputation?

“We are looking to make this into an actual usable toy, but we need funds and resources to manufacture this. For the meanwhile This is meant as a decorative item and a conversation piece.”

The toy has already been adopted as an anti-Putin symbol on Russian social media, despite attempts by authorities to remove images of it.

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