Britpig Diaries: Cum Demon

Brit Pig Diaries

Working office hours is something pretty new to me with this role. I had grown accustomed to the unpredictability of shift work and the way that it modified your body clock. Having no set week to week routine meant that your play become more random and weekday play sessions were normalised. Becoming the office pig has meant some adjustments have had to be made and work, although this is now a pleasure to do, most certainly has to come before “pleasure”. Don’t get me wrong here. I have still had the odd fumble in a public toilet on my break or 45 min lunchtime raw fuck but, apart from SOP (Streams of Pleasure) on an occasional tuesday I tend to be a good boy on the weekday evenings these days.

Last Wednesday however, I had a craving. An inner urge which needed to be satisfied. Sometimes this feeling gets a grip of me and nothing can shake it off other than absconding to feed the demon which is growling inside me. Last Wednesday my demon was screaming for cum. Begging for my insides to be flooded with multiple loads. It had been niggling at me all day at my desk. When this happens I get all twitchy and fidgety and start noticing anything with a pulse and testosterone which may wander past the window. Both Liam and Willem take great delight in winding me up further when they can see this happening and I become a bit of a deranged cock zombie whose sole purpose is for their entertainment.

“I wonder how busy The Hoist will be tonight?” Willem delicately drops into the conversation
Already my mind was racing. I had never even thought about going to the Hoist on a wednesday evening but had already decided that it was exactly what I needed to satisfy the demon.
“I’ll let you know in the morning.” I replied, after a pause long enough to make my decision (Which wasn’t long).
The rest of the day seemed to go by very quickly as I smiled to myself, playing on a school night, pure guilty pleasure!
“See you bright and early tomorrow Bruce.” Liam called out to me with a knowing grin on his face as I literally skipped out the office with excitement.

When I arrived at The Hoist I was shaking slightly with nervous excitement. Not that I hadn’t been there before, I was quite accustomed to the place, but because I was doing something unscripted and off the cuff. I had no expectations and tend to prefer nights when there has been no build up. I stripped down to my jock and trainers and strutted through to an empty bar. Feeling deflated I ordered a pint and chatted with the barman. He told me it was still early and that Wednesdays could be hit and miss. The theme was a mixture of suited and booted and underwear. It felt horny and weird in equal measure, standing at a bar with my ass out, whilst a couple of guys walked in wearing full suit and tie. I felt like prey being appraised by a couple of alpha predators. I liked this feeling a lot.

Guys slowly filtered in while I nursed my drink and I bided my time so as not to look too eager. When I finished my drink I headed through to the toilet and saw the suited guys through a crack in a cubicle door. They noticed me looking and beckoned me in saying that they both needed a piss. My cock sprang to attention in my jock as I gazed up at these two suited guys, golden streams spurting out over me and into my mouth, stern faces glowering down at me, spitting on my face as they hosed me down. When they were done one of them winked and said “Go on then, fuck off.” Grinning broadly I left them and returned to the bar.

The place was considerably busier and I ordered another drink so I could stay in one place and watch the room for a little longer. I hadn’t drank half the pint before I could bear it no longer, my ass was growling at me for some action. I asked the barman if he could watch my drink for me while I
had a wander and he gave me a really horny smile as if to say ‘I’m not gonna be seeing you for a while matey’.

Cruising was at a minimum and I was surprised to find that the other guys were apparently as horned up as I was. It wasn’t long before I was being tag teamed by a couple of latino skinheads. They passed me back and forth, really working my ass and drawing a decent crowd of onlookers. Then something surprising happened. One after the other they both shot deep inside me. The second one breeding my hole as I cleaned off the cum from the first ones cock. The double breeding seemed to set off a chain reaction with the onlookers and before I knew it I was passed back and forth and loaded another three times. It was fucking awesome! I staggered back to the bar, clenching tight to hold in the precious loads and finished my pint.

My attention was soon caught by a really tall Daddy type with huge nipples who was heading to the toilets. Coyness had gone out the window by this point and, with no shame, I followed him. I asked him how sensitive his nipples were and he invited me to find out. I gently teased at them with my fingertips and slowly built up pressure and rhythm: His cock grew and grew and grew as he hissed and moaned until he gripped my shoulders, span me round and rammed it into me. I swear he was already cumming before it even pushed in and he gripped me hard and shuddered violently as he pumped a mother load of cum into my guts. He spat on the back of my head and told me I was a very bad pig for making him cum so quickly. The night just seemed to get better and better!
Back at the bar my eye was caught by a lad in his mid twenties with a collar on. He was seemingly alone so was either just playing sub for the night or had been allowed out by his owner. I followed him into the shadows and after some time eyeing each other up he approached me and what looked like instinctively, he fell to his knees and started working my cock: gently but eagerly. I motioned for him to bring his ass up so I could play with his hole as he noshed me off. Strangely, I felt a hint of dominance wash over me and began to offer his hole up to the small group of guys who had been drawn to us. Seeing him get used by these guys was turning me on massively but I couldn’t quite figure out if it was because I wanted to be in his place or because it was me who was choosing who fucked this pup. What I was sure of was that I was looking forward tasting what his well bred hole tasted like after this hoard of daddies had finished with him: fucking lush!

By the time I had gone one more round of cruising I’d secured another few loads and my cum hunger was getting sated. I dressed back into my new TIM shorts and hoodie and decided a walk home would do me good. What I hadn’t factored in was that with wearing only a jock and a thin pair of shorts over the top, any leakage would be more than noticeable from my rear and it wasn’t long before my ass let slip a trickle of cum cocktail. Instinctively my hand went down the back of my pants and it wasn’t until I was slurping the leakage off my hand that I realised I was still walking up the street! Fuck knows what I must have looked like to anybody who might have been watching. But what did I care? I had satisfied my cum demon and there was no way I was going to waste any of my harvest!

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