Look Out For Our TIM Studs at The Folsom Street Fair This Weekend

Folsom Street Fair Blue Bailey

It’s that time of year, when 400,00 people descend upon Folsom Street to celebrate the largest kink and leather event of its kind to happen anywhere in the world. The history of the event traces its roots back the neighborhood’s roots as a working class neighborhood where many single men resided after receiving “blue discharges” for homosexual conduct. By the mid-60’s SoMA emerged as a hub of the gay leather scene and although San Francisco is experiencing rapid change, the neighborhood is still home to a thriving gay social scene which includes bars like the The Stud, The Powerhouse, Mister S leather, and numerous gay sex clubs.

The Folsom Street Fair, which takes place only a few blocks from our company headquarters, is hardly revolutionary anymore (more corporate than kinky) with plenty of shirtcockers armed with cameras. Loyal TIM Studs already know that We’ve been banned from participating since 2011 for having actual sex acts inside our exhibitor booth which is strictly verboten by festival organizers who don’t want to scare away sponsors.  If  you’re curious to read the original account of the incident read this or this.

Treasure Island Banned

Not to fear though kids, we will still have plenty of TIM models at the festival representing us  including local stud Blue Bailey, who was chosen as the poster boy for the event, tattoo’d daddy Paul Steele, Exclusive Topman Drew Sebastian, and many more. See you there!

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