I AM: Sam Porter

Sam Porter Treasure Island Media

Sam Porter is one of our favorite UK Studs. You may have noticed the uncut stud in MAN-CUNT and he also appears in two debauched scenes in Liam Cole’s newest bareback breeding fuck film LONDON UNCUT (pre-order now!). With his strong, manly look, shaved head and muscled body, Sam Porter comes across like a sexy footballer complete with a very thick nine inch dick. 

1. How did you first get involved in shooting for TIM? What was your first shoot like?

I recall that I had an audition with Liam Cole, director of some of the hottest Treasure Island releases in December 2012. It seemed to go well and a few months later I was doing the first of two shoots over a weekend. One of the scenes appears in London Uncut , Liam’s latest filthiest release. The scene comprises of myself banging the ass off a hot Spanish looking guy. It was kinda surreal filming that scene after spending the morning walking around London sight seeing.

2. How long have you been involved in the adult industry? 

Although I auditioned for Treasure Island in late 2012 my first ever adult shoot was in April 2013. I’ve left it rather late in life and initially it was part of my bucket list of things to do before I die. Since then I am getting booked steadily for Treasure Island and other porn companies. I really enjoy it, not least due to the sex but it’s also a ‘buzz’ to be getting other guys hot under the collar. I’ve had some really nice feedback from the viewers and it’s always a pleasure talking to them about the shoots.

3. What kind of of guys do it for you the most? 

I’m attracted to far wider a range of guys now than I ever was in my youth. Physically I have a thing for guys who are in shape, and as I’m a top I get a major turn on from fucking a nice round ass. When I say in shape I’m attracted to types from lean muscle through hunky bears to muscle guys. Though saying all that it’s always nice that the guys I’ve worked with are completely attitude free. No one likes a guy with a massive ego, confidence is attractive but so is humility. I’m dating what I would say is my ideal, a slut in the bedroom and a guy who makes me laugh out loud.

Sam Porter Treasure Island Media

4. If you could work with any pornstar, who would it be and what would you want to do to him?

In terms of other porn stars I’d like to work with, there are several  out there. I think geography and availability prevents me doing more sometimes but I must admit to liking the look of Shay Michaels , he has a nice smile ( as well as the rest of him looking damn fine). Also I recently saw some of the ‘Breeding Marcus Isaacs‘ scenes and again he would be on my list. Although I enjoy a group scene I do enjoy the control I get from being in a 1-2-1 scene. I’d bang them all over the place ending the scene with a good breeding.

5. What has been your favorite scene/movie so far with Treasure Island Media and why?

Having shot dozens of scenes for Treasure Island Media there are a number of scenes that stick out in memory for various reasons. I shot a scene with Jorge Ballantinos and Lito Cruz which appeared in ‘mancunt’ by Liam Cole. Such a hot day I ended up dripping in sweat. Both Lito and Jorge speak fluent Spanish and were conversing in the language which sounded horny as fuck. Even though I had no idea what they were saying I could tell it was pure filth. Luckily the scene has subtitles so you can go along with them. It’s kinda art house appearing in a bilingual scene! And soon you will be able to see me in two scenes in ‘London Uncut’ , one of which is an awesome, filthy, debauched gang bang. I felt a little sorry for the greedy arsed bottom ( but only a little). Part of the fun behind that scene was watching the other guys using the bottoms hole, and us all lining up for our next turn. You can’t help but want to out-do the guy before you haha!!!

6. Do you like cut or uncut cocks more? Is this even a reasonable question for a British stud?

I’m an uncut guy as you know, and people often ask about my preferences with regards to dick. I came to the states on vacation 2 years ago and it was the first time I’d seen so many cut cocks in one place. I can’t say the fact they were cut stopped me wanting to suck them but certainly from an aesthetic point of view I’m more in the uncut cock ‘camp’. An uncut cock has a wonderful surprise element to it in that as the foreskin pulls back you get to see the bulging head. And another wonderful thing guys do with that extra skin is docking – rubbing the heads together under that foreskin. Delicious!

Sam Porter Treasure Island Media

7. How do you stay in fantastic shape? what is your workout and diet like? 

It’s nice that guys notice the hard work I’ve put in at the gym. At my age I’ve kind got into a rhythm at the gym in that I have a number of work outs in my head which I can pick from. I train 4-5 times a week but never for more than an hour at a time. In addition I walk my two dogs regularly including some running/hiking in this. Mainly though i do agree that a good, healthy body starts in the kitchen. If people are serious about losing weight or toning up then what you eat plays a massive part in that. I follow a paleo style diet but I include some ‘good’ carbs too to stop cravings for crappy snacks. We all have our own insecurities with our bodies – mine is that I’d love to be heavier and more muscular but I’m in control of that and I know what I need to do if I want to achieve that.

8. Besides sex, what do you do for fun?

I’ve got a fairly full life at present. And I try my best to find enjoy all aspects of my life. My boyfriend and I are both massive geeks , luckily we enjoy many of the same things. From watching old episodes of Twin Peaks to exploring the great outdoors. The UK is a beautiful country with some much to see. I’m lucky where I live I’m surrounded by open countryside. More recently I’ve followed up on another one of my interests DJing. I’m now a resident DJ at CumUnion London and am hoping to do more gigs and develop the skills ( www.soundcloud.com/tomolux ). I also enjoy vacations and have travelled around much or Europe. I like the sun which we seem to lack a lot in the UK, so my travel plans often include beaches where I can sunbathe naked with my man. I could be described as a contradiction , my porn is often some of the flithiest out there but outside of that I kinda like being around friends and family just enjoying the little things.

9. Tell us a secret! 

You’ve asked me about me telling you a secret, my mind has been racing about this. What could I tell you guys… I’d say I’m kinda a private guy – my porn is rather a large secret from members of my family and circle of friends. Not that I’m ashamed of it at all but some things , like my cock don’t need to be watched by my mother! This is no big secret either – if you know where to look – but I’ve just recently turned 38 years old. I feel like I’m in the prime of my life right now and am happier than I’ve ever been. If guys would like to ask me questions though they are more than welcome to follow my twitter account and put their questions to me directly @samporterdj 

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