Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

Kyle Ferris is an eager young cumdump bottom who has making the rounds at TIM with our favorite top studs. In honor of the pre-release scene for Max Sohl’s newest sex tape FLOODED, here is an exclusive interview with the handsome young stud. Check him out in his first gangbang scene from FLOODED, on TIMSuck, and in his upcoming scene on TIMFuck. Remember you can join TIMFuck to download the FLOODED Pre-Release scene for free!

TIM: So how did you get involved in porn? Have you been a TIM fan for long?

Kyle Ferris: I’ve always thought it’d be fun to do porn. But always brushed it off as more of a (fantasy). Also up until recently I had been in a long term relationship and porn was not something that would have an option.I have been enjoying the cockumentaries released by TIM for years.

TIM: I heard you want to be the next Blue Bailey! Why Blue? Can you elaborate on that statement? Do you want to be a cumdump extraordinaire?

Kyle Ferris: I’m a huge Blue Bailey fan. That statement was kind of blurted out during my first meeting with Max. He asked who were my favorite tops to watch and I kind of drew a blank. When I watch porn I’m more turned on  by the guy getting fucked than the tops. After a few moments of brain farts and half formed sentences, I just said how much I liked Blue’s Work. To see a handsome guy like Him taking dick like a slutty champ definitely gets me going! I think of him as my semen soaked spirit guide. As far as being a cumdump extraordinaire, is there any other kind of cumdump worth being? No weekend warriors here!

Flooded Pre-release Scene With Kyle Ferris Getting Gangbanged

TIM: What was it like to do your first gang-bang scene for FLOODED? Was it everything you hoped for?

Kyle Ferris: It was definitely intimidating. It was my first time filming anything. Until Rob Yaeger, Tommy Deluca and Luke Harding walked in I had no idea who was gonna be on top of me. But I got over those jitters pretty quick when I saw three massive dicks standing at attention while we were waiting for the camera to be set up.

Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

TIM: What kind of guys turn you on the most?

Kyle Ferris: Who doesn’t love a muscle daddy?! But I honestly have varied tastes and play with a broad spectrum of guys. A good attitude and dirty mind go a long way!

TIM: If you could bang anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?

Kyle Ferris: Paul Morris. Because I love a challenge. Can’t hide forever big guy! 😉

Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

TIM: What do you do in your off-time? Do you have another career?

Kyle Ferris: I’m kind of a junk-foodie. I love to cook and especially love to bake. But rarely get a chance. But in NYC there are so many great options popping up all the time I don’t go wanting very long. My top three: banana pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the Lower East Side, fried pickles from Ditch Plains in the West Village, and last but certainly not least the cream puffs at Beard Pappa’s on the upper west side. Other than stuffing my gullet with delicious treats and other men’s genitals I do love my alone time at the gym.

I do have a day job. I’m going to school. And have been working on a developing a small product line with a friend for his spa. 

TIM: Your scene with Krave Moore and James Eden on TIMSuck is incredible! How did it feel to devour such a big fat dick on camera? Are you a total exhibitionist?

Kyle Ferris: That was a lot of fun! It felt like like my throat was going to explode and I loved it. They told me he was hung, and I’ve met quite a few well endowed gents in my many romps but when Krave dropped trou not only did I say to myself “holy shit,” but I had to applaud the guy. I’m glad I got to work with James. I think having a partner made working that much cock even more enjoyable. Right as we ended I remember a crew member saying “wow I don’t think we’ve ever done a scene where two bottoms tag team a one dick!”

I’m slowly becoming a exhibitionist. That’s a recent development and has been the biggest challenge in perusing adult film work. 

Kyle Ferris on TIMSuck

TIM: Cut or Uncut?

Kyle Ferris:– Cut.

Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

TIM: Where do you like to hang out in NYC in terms of clubs, etc.?

Kyle Ferris: I don’t go to clubs and rarely bars. I haven’t had much leisure time lately. Generally I’m <250 ft from trouble.

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