Rolling With Dice: Las Vegas

Just last week I was in Las Vegas filming a few new scenes. The first was with Alex Hawk.  Alex and I had been chatting about how he wanted multiple tops to use his hole.  Well that’s what he got. James Stevens, Brian Bonds, Parker Logan, Ethan Wolfe, and Brodie Ramirez fill up Alex‘s fuck hole like a pastry chef filling a cream filled donut. 

The next day I shot  Derek North and Draven Navarro, who loves worshiping a hot cock and getting fucked hard and deep.  Derek’s a true champ who loves getting serviced and can fuck a long-long time. These two were a very hot fuck to film.

The next shoot that day was Ryan Powers sucking off James Steven’s uncut meat. Without a doubt, Ryan was ecstatic after draining this man’s load.

The last shoot was with Ethan Wolfe and Alex Hawk. Ethan enjoyed fucking Alex so much the first time that he couldn’t resist getting inside him once more before leaving throwing in his hat (and load). So Ethan called him to come over to the room and I just so happened to pull out the camera to capture the moment.

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