It’s Black Friday in the TIMSTORE

The sale you’ve been saving for, it’s Black Friday in the TIMstore! It’s that time of year again, and like usual we’ve gone fuckin’ crazy with our sales this year. Across all our shops we are offering insane deals that’ll keep your balls drained and your wallets full.

Below you can find links to all our sales and savings. We’ve got everything from $10 Movies  to a Full Week’s Worth of Underwear. You won’t be disappointed. Click below and tell your friends, family, and fuck buddies to get their asses over here and SHOP NOW!

Black Friday

We’ve got a fuckton of our movies on sale right now.

Old Titles, Newer Titles, Classics and Recent favorites starting at $10.

Get ’em and get off.

Our biggest gear sale EVER. We’ve got you covered with a weeks worth of underwear from TIMGEAR for just $20!

If that’s not enough for you, the ENTIRE Black line is discounted at 50% off!

On TOP of that, we’ve got all our fans marked off 75%. Be the center of attention at your next event with these full sized fans .

Check it out.

Get ahead of Spring Cleaning with 30% off all of our cleaners and room odorants!

This is your last chance to get Double Scorpio’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Cleaners before they’re all sold out! (Double Scorpio isn’t taking anymore new orders for these bad boys so you better hurry up!)

Doesn’t matter if your stuffing stockings, or yourself. We got the toys to satisfy any backdoor Santa. 

Get into a good time with 30% off all our sensational toys. 

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