Marked: Meet Robert Rexton

Robert Rexton is a long-time marked man who stopped by the Treasure Island Media studios recently so we could take some photos. We talked about escorting, Amsterdam, and ink.

How long have you been in the states?

“I’ve been in the states for two and a half years now.”

Where were you living before you came to San Francisco?

“Los Angeles, in the center of Hollywood. I used to live for two and a half years around the corner from the Jim Henson Muppet Studio.”

How was that, hanging out with Kermit?

“It was pretty cool. They were my childhood heroes. So it’s kinda cool, the circle goes round you know?”

How long have you been in San Francisco?

“Three weeks now.”

You said earlier that you got your tattoo in Amsterdam.  Are you from Europe originally?

“Yeah, I’m originally from the south of the Netherlands, two and a half hours away from Amsterdam, close to the German and Belgian borders.”

How long have you had your tattoo?

“Five years.”

When did you decide you needed a TIM tattoo?

“*Laughs* The day I lost my shame.”

What were you doing?

“I don’t remember actually. Possibly drugs—-but it was a very conscious decision let’s be clear.”

Who was the first person who noticed?

“Well, my boyfriend at the time.”

“I’ve always had this very easy going thing with like sexuality, it was never like a problem for me.”

What do men say when they see it?

“They like it, especially cause I escort on the side. The guys that notice it, they definitely want the barebacking kinda guys. ‘Are you poz? Can you poz me?’ Seriously I get that like three times a week.”

How do you like being an escort?

“I used to love it when I was in Amsterdam. I started doing it when I was 15. Back then you had the telephone lines, so I used to pretend I was 18. Cause I was tall, people would assume I was a grown up. I’ve always had this very easy going thing with sexuality, it was never like a problem for me. When I was 18 when I moved to Amsterdam, the first thing I did was go to a boys club cause prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. Back then you had this boy club called “good boy club” which I think was one of the first boy bars in Europe ever. So I worked there for like a year”

“If he looks totally off, like totally wrong, just wrong, then I’ll probably like him.”

Did you like it?

“*laughs* Yeah, for me it was like Disneyland because for the first time in my life I felt free.”

Can you tell us about some of your other tattoos?

“The trainwreck one was my first.  I got it when I was 18. People back then were sort of saying like ‘Robert if you continue this way then nothing’s going to become of you.’ So that’s why I got a trainwreck tattoo.”

What about the rebellion tattoo?

“I’m not a pop culture guy but you know that Britney song? There’s this unreleased Britney song called Rebellion. From that time she went like totally wacky. It’s not that I’m this huge Britney fan; that’s around when I started to like her.”

What kind of things do you look for in a man?

Looks wise? Just plain and sort of regular. I like guys that look scruffy—sort of a semi-homeless look. Sort of a sweaty plumber with a mix of a dad and a dirty pervy uncle. If he looks totally off, like totally wrong—-like just wrong—- then I’ll probably like him.

What is your favorite lube?

“Anything that makes it moist.”

How old were you when you first started watching Treasure Island?

“I don’t know how old I was, like 8 years ago or so. I remember that’s when a friend introduced me to the whole bareback scene. It was the scene, ‘Ape Fuck’ from “Built to Fuck”. The scene was called ‘Ape Fuck’!

What books do you like to read?

“A lot of biographies.”

What are some good bios you’ve read?

“I think the last was the Monica Lewinsky bio. No wait I’m lying! The last one I read was ‘Full Service’ about the guy who did the hooking from like the 50’s.”

The Hollywood guy?

“Yeah! He was like a pimp to the stars, I like his attitude.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’m headed to Montreal tomorrow!”

Thanks for stopping by.

“Your welcome!  Want me to fuck you now?”

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