4 years since fuck holes 3

It’s been four years since Treasure Island Media released “Fuck Holes 3”, our first venture outside the boundaries of male-male porn. It still amazes and angers me how closed-minded some of the reviews were:

“Looked VERY good up until the women and trans preview showed… Quite disturbing.”
“Do we need to see tits and pussies on a TIM movie??? Please don’t.”
“I really don’t like the pussy on it, let them fuck a both leg amputed man, a def one, but not a fucking pussy. Doesn’t feel right.”
So they didn’t really get the point of the movie. That’s fine; but I have the same problem with these comments as I do with any of the vitriol spewed at any of the queer and trans porn that studios put out. Why announce to the world you don’t like it just because there’s a clit involved? It clearly wasn’t made for you, move on.
There are others who are not “one way or the other.” Pansexual people, bi-curious people, and even folks who are considering transitioning. They deserve representation too, and TIM did a bold thing in offering this space for us all to explore.
The vitriol died down quickly after its initial release, but “Fuck Holes 3” is one of just a few flicks that comes to my mind that have tried to be inclusive to all aspects of sexual identity, and despite the flack it may have gotten, I raise my hat to that!
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