Bottom’s Up?

“Why don’t you get hard when you’re getting fucked?” is a question I’ve seen crop up time and again on my fellow bottoms’ Twitter feeds.
Well, first of all… rude! Back your shit down.
Secondly, let’s take care of the obvious – every guy is different. Some guys will get hard every single time and some won’t at all. For others it’s a crap shoot and depends on the situation.
That’s why I find it laughable when I see a guy’s hookup ad saying “flip-fucking is a MUST.” Okay, Carnac, since you can see into the future, predict this. Even if a guy is versatile, it’s no guarantee he’ll be standing to attention for a 50:50 scene. So why dictate?
But what about the poor guy who only bottoms? Are you gonna give up a potentially mind-blowing fuck because he won’t turn around and give you a pounding back? I don’t want to guarantee a flip-fucking and then be unable to follow through. My focus is on getting the top off. And if my mind’s on my hole teasing and coaxing a load out of a cock, it’s not gonna be directed at my own. As far as the downward-dog position goes.
In a sling… that’s a different story. I’m often hard when I’m strung up. More visual stimuli, perhaps, maybe the angle change hits my nerves in just the right way. Different positions, different strokes, different folks.
Each situation is different. Everyone’s psychological makeup is different and just because they’re not hard doesn’t mean they’re not fuckin’ horned for you. Don’t count him out just because he’s not up.
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