Fuck Me, Bro! Now Streaming on TIMFUCK

Bro! You’ve gotta watch this, its the first scene from Treasure Island Media’s newest movie Fuck Me, Bro!

Topher Dimaggio, Treasure Island Media’s archetypal “bro” opens the movie in a scene with Peyton Chirmata

After getting Topher’s bro-pole slicked up with spit, Peyton lowers himself down on Topher’s massive man rammer.

Peyton knows it’s all over for his hole when Topher gets him face down on that bed…

Alright Bros, for access to this scene and many more to come, you’ll have to sign up for one of our TIMPASS memberships. 

With a TIMPASS, you’ll get access to all of our newest content first, and special discounts in our member’s store.

See the trailer for this scene below, and sign up for a TIMPASS to see the whole thing!

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