We’ve Been Hacked! 60% Off Memberships FOR LIFE

Horny hackers have penetrated their way into the mainframe here at TIM. They’ve taken hostage of our computers and they’re demanding we give all our fans 60% off all 6 sites for life! 

If you purchase a TIMPASS+ during our insane Cyber Monday sale, you’ll be granted access to an excess of raunchy bareback breeding that’ll keep you satisfied for years to cum. 

In addition to the thousands of hours worth of porn, you’ll also be able to use your TIMPASS+ for exclusive member pricing in our MEMBER STORE on toys, downloads, and more!

Here’s the deal, if you sign up for a TIMPASS+, you’ve got options.

1 month: $39.95 $15.98/mo
3 month: $79 $31.60/ 3mo
6 months: $149 $59.50/ 6mo
All six sites included! 

You can watch TIMFUCK, TIMSUCK, TIMJACK, KOJO, BRUTHALOAD, and Latin Loads for $119/year for LIFE. When you sign up, we’ll lock in your Cyber Monday prices for as long as you want to watch great porn.

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