Seeders Now Streaming!

Face down, ass up- that’s the way Gnarly Twink likes stay in his rented room. Tonight he’s invited over anyone who’ll come and load him up.

First up to bat we have Avatar Akyia, deep diving into the twink’s hole and getting it stretched for seeding.

Next we have Harlem Jock, keeping this bottom boy open for service.

Another guy? Adonisboss shows up to finish up what the other guys started. This room must have a revolving door…

In order to access our newest film you’ll need to have a subscription for one of our TIMPASS memberships.

See the trailer below for a preview of the first scene from Seeders!

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  1. I’d like to offer my ass & mouth for streaming- video shoot for Bareback Breedings Annon -Hardcore tagteams-groups all good masculine hung tops always welcome to use my ass audition me sign released

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