Paul Morris Interviews Solosexeual Author

Learn about solosexuality with Paul Morris in this interview from Alphatribe magazine! In this exclusive interview Paul Morris talks with author and solosexual advocate Jason Armstrong.

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(Paul Morris) How much time are you putting into bating these days?

(Jason Armstrong) ‘I’m bating 3X more than I ever did in my life due to lock down and working from home.  About 8 hours a night on weeknights and weekends, practically constantly!  And I still get my laundry done.’

From the books, it sounds like you have a bate ‘persona’ who dresses a certain way, smokes, drinks and digs deep into porn and pleasure.  Is this an alter ego or a part of yourself that you feel most comfortable acting out in private?

(J.A.) ‘I feel there are two core parts of me:  The sexual man and the writer.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to integrate these two personas.  Have I integrated them with the other roles I play in life?  Probably not entirely, but I’m not sure that we need to.  To merge our personas into a comprehensive whole might be an unachievable—and maybe undesirable—goal.’

In your descriptions of your bate sessions, you describe always starting in the same way and with the same items—something to smoke (tobacco), something to drink, certain music, etc.  Is it about your cock or is it about being masculine?

(J.A.) ‘Both. My cock and my masculinity are inextricably intertwined.  When being sexual, I roll around in the tropes and symbols of masculinity like a pig.’  
Do you think it’s possible that, rather than being a solosexual, guys who devote their sexual energy to bating might be called webisexuals? Or pornsexuals?  If you took away the infinite porn resources of the web, would solosexuality still flourish as it is?
‘Definitely.  Solosex for many bators is pornsex.’  

That leads me to ask an inevitable question (from a pornographer)—What do solosexuals do to support the production of porn? Aside from viewing the porn materials for free (on Twitter, for instance) what do they do to sustain and pay pornographers for giving you your sexuality?

(J.A.) ‘In my first book, I wrote “While the Internet did not invent the practice of edging nor the idea of solosexuality, it revolutionized the ability to edge and to consider the possibility of being a solosexual.”  Going further in my latest book, I wrote a chapter called “The Pornosexual”. Porn is most certainly my “bate fuel” and yes, pornographers have certainly given me my sexuality, no doubt about it.  And I swear I’m not just saying this – I have been a paying member of Treasure Island Media for years and years!  Also, DickWadd and others.  But I have to say that it’d be hard to give back to porn commensurate with what it’s given me.’

Read the rest of this exclusive interview on ALPHATRIBE.

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